Pam, Lacy, & Minnie

Our latest pet crush: Pam, Lacy & Minnie

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Instagram: @theminniekitty


Twitter - @DittiePE

How old are Lacy & Minnie?Lacy Mae is 12 years old. Minnie is 3.

What is life like with so many cats?

There's never a dull moment, that's for certain. The majority of the 9 cats and 1 dog all get along. Occasionally, there may be a spat or minor can fight. Lacy may chase off a cat that's too close to her toy,but it's all minor. Mist of the time, though, they're playing together and generally goofing off.

How come you only have 1 dog? Does Lacy feel outnumbered? 

Originally, Lacy was my ex-roommate's dog. When the roommate left, she didn't take Lacy with her since Lacy was so ingrained into the household. At that time there was only 4 cats. But Lacy was raised with cats and has been among them all of her life. I'm pretty sure she considers herself one.

Friendship Collar - Pam, Lacy & Minnie 2

Does she have any cat-like qualities?

Oh goodness,yes! She lives to play chase with several of them. She'll chase first, then they'll chase her back. She curls up with them to nap, and she takes care of the newest members, or guards anyone that doesn't seem to feel well.

Have you always loved cats?

 Always. We had a cat often throughout my childhood. I can recall even training one to go on walks with me around the neighborhood like he was a dog.

What is feeding time like?

Hilarious. Each has their own bowl for dry food and one for their wet food. They get the wet food for lunch, and I'm often knocked around until I get their food ready for them.

We would love to hear more about Lacy & Minnie's friendship! What is the cutest thing they do together?

When I first adopted Minnie, she had just lost her leg. Lacy wouldn't let any of the other cats near her because she knew Minnie was in pain and injured. She would curl up outside the bedroom door where Minnie stayed and play bodyguard.

Have they always been best friends?

Well, I didn't rescue Minnie until last year. She was already a year and a half old. But Lacy took to her pretty quick. And when Minnie began feeling better, and getting around more, Lacy was the first to play chase with her. She would let mi nice chase her around,but wouldn't take her turn.

Where do all your fur-babies sleep?

Where ever they want! Hah. Usually, Dot and Tor will sleep in the living room on the sofa or recliner. Minnie likes to sleep under the dining room table sometimes, but mainly on one of the stair beds where her blanket is. Squeaker, Sansa, Willow, Gayia and Lacy all sleep with/on me in the bed. Dusty Rose likes to sleep under my bed. And Aryia usually sprawls out at the top of the stairs.

What is the best thing about being a cat/dog mom?

Their unconditional love. They know when I don't feel well and are all there for me, sometimes all at once which is interesting. They don't judge, or hate. Animals are the example all people should follow.

Can you tell us any fun stories about Lacy or Minnie! What is the craziest/funniest thing they have ever done?

The first time Minnie chased Lacy around the dining room, I thought something had happened. I stood up and Minnie suddenly stopped running to look at me. Lacy came bouncing back, ears flopping,tail wagging and gave Minnie a nudge with her nose, like she was saying "Hey cmon! Let's play more!" And got back into her running position to start again.

What made you begin your Instagram account?

It was meant to be a place where family could see the progress of Minnie's healing.

Can you finish this sentence ... Lacy & Minnie are my best friends because... They make me smile, laugh, cry. They remind me of family.

Life with my pets is ....Never dull! Sometimes they may drive me batty, but most of the time they make me smile. They're better than tv shows!