Katniss Thunder Paw

Our Latest Pet Crush: Katniss Thunder Paw

Social Media Fame: @talk_to_the_paw

When did you first get Katniss?

Have you always had cats? We adopted Katniss from the MN Humane Society on 5/26/2013.  I got my first cat when I was 12, I've had a few others over the years, but it had been nearly 10 years without a cat before Katniss.  My kids and I are vying for a kitten to add to our family now!

What has changed ever since you have your furry friend?

One of the greatest things that has happened to me since getting her is the new friends I've made on IG, especially Amanda, (@hermione_mn) who I frequently get together with.  Cats bring people together, they are awesome!

How old is Katniss?

Has she always been an indoor cat? She is a little over 3 years old; she was around a year old when we adopted her.  She was found as a stray, but she lives the pampered indoor life now.

Can you describe her main personality traits?

Friendly.  I couldn't pick just one!  Smart, hungry, friendly, demanding, playful and lazy!Where is the best place that she hangs out in the house? Anywhere near me; she's co-dependent.

What's a typical day like for your best furry friend?

She naps most of the time, of course!

What is your favorite activity with Katniss?

Running through the house playing tag.

Can you share an event that you can't forget that involves your cat? The day we got her, willing husband, happy kids and a sweet, loving new kitty.

What made you begin your instagram account?

My kids wanted IG accounts and the agreement was I got to follow them....they told me as long as I wasn't me I could follow them...thanks kids!

Does she love being photographed? Where do you get the inspirations for your photo shoots?

Katniss loves treats and I love to take photographs! She is very patient and cooperative when it comes to getting treats.  Over the last year she has learned the commands 'sit', 'lay down' and 'wait', but photo shoots are mostly on her terms and sometimes she's just not interested.  I think with cats inspiration comes from the cat themselves....there are a lot of accounts I think are amazing, and I'm always inspired by the humor in their comments. I've had some photos inspire me, but my inspiration is almost never in Katniss' plans LOL