Pierre and Remy

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♡ How old are your pooches?

Pierre will be 3 in January next year and Remy just turned 1

♡ What is life like with such two adorable dogs? Is it chaotic at times?

There is about an hour each day that is crazy but when they are fed and been out for a walk they are happy and usually asleep. When they have a new toy or bone to chew it can also get pretty hectic until they find a place to settle with it.

♡ Can you tell us more about their personalities? Are they similar or completely different?

VERY different - Pierre is incredibly calm and relaxed and Remy is a crazy little bunny that runs around with a ton of energy. They both get very excited to meet people and also love their cuddles and sleep.

♡ Pierre and Remy seem very close, do they always get along well?

Always. From the start Pierre has always been very gentle with her. They play fight like all dogs do but it never gets rough.

♡ What has changed since your pooches came into your life?

EVERYTHING. I would much rather get takeaway and relax on the couch with them than go out to dinner. I also used to love shopping for myself but now they have an enviable wardrobe.

♡ What is your favorite activity with the both of them?

Cuddling on the couch binge-watching tv (The Walking Dead is our favourite!) or going for a walk in a new place to explore. We also love taking road trips together.

♡ Do they have any tricks or habits that we should know about?

French Bulldogs are not the easiest to train and I never pushed them to do tricks when they were young which would have helped in their learning. They can both sit and stay plus Remy can almost roll over from a down position. The better the treat I have when they are doing this the better they are at performing them. Frenchies are VERY motivated by food.

♡ Can you tell us a bit about where they sleep? Do they share the same bed or they have their own space? Do they always cuddle up together?

They have several seperate beds around our place but usually cuddle up together, even in Remy's little puppy bed. Pierre would be happy to sleep alone but Remy will always find him and snuggle in. If either myself or my boyfriend are on the couch alone they will both cuddle up on your legs together.

♡ Pierre and Remy looks so adorable in their pictures! Do both of them love being photographed?

Pierre LOVES being photographed and told he is adorable by anyone and everyone. Remy gets a little too excited and prefers hugging people instead.

♡ Where do you get your inspiration for your images? Do they sit still for the camera or does it take a long time to get the perfect picture?

In any photo or video that I have tried to make something work, it hasn't happened for me. I find that people like our posts more if it is just the dog/s relaxing on the couch with Pierre usually being grumpy or them playing. I don't usually take many photos with them when we are out as that is time to spend with them although I have started snapchatting them on a few walks and outtings recently. Pierre will sit very still and I will get a photo of him in seconds... Remy is better when sleepy/asleep due to her enthusiasm as most photos of her are a blur!

♡ When and why did you start an Instagram account for them?

I started an account a few months after we got Pierre as he was taking over my own personal Instagram account. Now I rarely use my own account.

Pierre and Remy are my best friends because... they show me that life doesn't need much more than love, food, a bit of adventure and a good place to snuggle. I couldn't imagine life without them.