Raquel & Daco + Spike


🤍 How did you meet Daco and Spike?

First Spike came home with us and within a few days Daco. It was love at first sight!

🤍 How old are they?

These days they turn 10 years old.

🤍 Describe their personalities!

Daco is so loving! And a little clumsy! He loves to be with us all the time. Spike is very intelligent and affectionate. She loves to play and eat, but above all explore new places. She enjoys being pampered and loved by the family.

🤍 What does a typical day with your besties look like?

We love going to the park and walking in the countryside. Run and play together!! And then spend most of the time together at home.

🤍How do they cheer you up on a bad day?

They always cuddle and do things to make you laugh! Or they just lie down and stay by your side.

🤍 Do they get to come everywhere with you?

Yes!!! Except to go to work or shop, the rest of the time, we are always together!

🤍 What's your favorite thing to do together?

Travel, or be on the couch at home. As long as we're together, we like to do everything together!

🤍 Can you share some tips when travelling with your dogs?

We always travel by car even when going to other countries and look for pet-friendly hotels.  Sometimes you have to look further but fortunately, you can find a lot.

🤍 What's the cutest thing they do?

They are cute even when sleeping!! But Spike is very good at asking for what he wants. The two have very sweet looks, and they love to give kisses too!

🤍 What's the naughtiest thing they have done?

When they were little, they ate socks, some plants, and they're very good at stealing food!

🤍 How do you get them to pose for that pawfect pic?

The best trick for photos is putting a lot of love and great patience. Don't mind repeating the process. Play with them and pamper them. But above all, a good dose of snack!!

🤍 What is the most rewarding thing about having Daco and Spike?

They're my whole life!! My joy, the best company and great happiness!! They teach me to live better every day and see what's really important!