Keelie & Ashby


🤍 Tell us a bit about your BFF, Ashby!

Ashby is a ginger and red tabby domestic short-haired. He is 6 and turns 7 on July 31st.

🤍 Describe his personality!

He’s a wonderfully natured cat. He is very clever and knows quite a few tricks. He definitely loves his food! He has plenty of crazy moments, running around the house, and adores cuddles.

🤍 What is Ashby's trait that you love most?

I love how affectionate he is. When I come home from work, he jumps out of his bed and greets me. He doesn’t leave me alone until I pick him up for a cuddle.

🤍 What's the most annoying thing about him?

The most annoying thing about him is having a weird thing for chewing anything plastic, like bags. Sometimes at 4 a.m., all you can hear is him chewing on something left out.

🤍 Is there anything your bestie is scared of?

He is scared of crowds of people when we’re out of the house

🤍 How does he try to get your attention?

He’s not a very vocal cat at all. As a kitten, he didn’t meow for over a month! He will usually purr and do a figure of 8 around my legs, or if I’m sitting down, he will jump up and nuzzle his head on my hand or head.

🤍 What's the naughtiest thing Ashby has done?

One Halloween, I came home from work with my window blinds on the floor. He’d pulled them completely down from the ceiling!

🤍 What do you love most to do together?

We love to explore and go on adventures together. It strengthens our bond, and we get to see some truly beautiful places.

🤍 What's the best thing about having Ashby?

The best thing about having Ashby is the unconditional love he gives. He picks up on my mood, and if I’m down, he’s more affectionate and cheers me up. We also get to see the world together.