Remix & Jenn

Victory dances, cuddles, and love at first sight.

Our Latest Pet Crush: Remix The Dog & Jenn

Social Media Fame: Instagram: @RemixTheDog 





The Story: We searched high and low for a black and white Miniature Schnauzer in Toronto. After several calls, many drives and what seemed like months, we finally found Remix. He was a little explorer from the beginning and we loved his prominent eyebrows and little white beard! It was definitely love at first sight and when he was ready, we brought our brave little man home. That’s when our adventure started.

Nicknames: Little Man, Little Bambino

Breed: Mini SchnauzerColour of Fur: Black & White

Describe your Pooch in 3 words: Trendy, Quirky & Friendly

Dog’s Favourite trick? Fetch/Chase combination

Tell us a quirky/Funny Story about your pup: Remix is very particular about his toys and often has little projects to put all his toys together in certain places! He knows when one is missing and will often search everywhere for it – including crawling under the bed.

What’s the cutest thing your dog does / has ever done? 

When he successfully catches a toy that was thrown for him, he does a little dance around the room to celebrate.

Dog’s Main personality traits? Cheerful, energetic and cuddly – he loves cuddling.

Dog’s Favourite Hobbies?  Cuddling, organizing his toys and going on secret adventures.

Describe your Dog’s typical day..It’s a mystery what Remix does during the day but he often gets up early for a nice brisk walk with Mom before eating breakfast. After breakfast he goes on a little adventure to play and sleep. After, he gets to go on another walk with Mom and then it’s time for dinner, playtime and then sleep.

Finish this sentence:My Dogs makes me smile when …he cuddles next to me, hugs my leg when I come home or successfully learns a new trick.

My dog is my best friend because....He is a great listener and is always happy to see us. He is the best little man and he has so many weird quirks that always make us laugh.