Homer & Mei

Love at first sight, running round in circles and wiggling butts.

Our latest pet crush:  Mei / Homer

Social Media fame:

Instagram & Facebook:  @HomerPugalicious

Vine & Twitter:  @HomerChandra

The Story: Love at first sight?

It was definitely love at first sight. Although when we went to see him the first time, he shied away from us. I should have known that something was wrong with him, but I didn’t think much of it  (it turns out he’s afraid of humans) Something about him made me and my husband fall in love with him.

Nicknames: Homie, Sinyo, Nyo-nyo (It’s Indonesian for little boy)

Breed: Pug

Colour of fur: Fawn

Describe your pooch in 3 words.. Crazy, Sweet & Gentle

Homer’s favourite trick? Sleep and big begging eyes HAHA

Tell us a quirky/funny Story about your pup:

One time, Homer was playing with my friend’s puppy and he ran around the living room very excitedly (non stop!!). Until he didn’t see where he’s going and ran through a dining table leg. It was a loud “bang” on the head.

What’s the cutest thing your dog does / has ever done?

Homer needs to be touching me all the time, 24/7. Even when I pushed him, he would slowly try to come closer and touch me again. Either with his paw, or just lying next to me while touching.

He is asleep right next to me while I’m typing this! Haha

Homer’s main personality traits?

Homer is a nervous boy, so he would not immediately trust you when you first meet him. But once you know him, he is the most loving and loyal dog you could ever know

Homer’s favourite hobbies? EAT, EAT and EAT

Describe your dog’s typical day..

5am: Morning run with daddy

7am: Munch some raw bone

8am: Play with toys

9am: Sleep, snore, fart

12pm : Sleep

3pm : Sleep while waiting for mum and dad to come home

5pm: Evening run with mummy

6pm: Dinner

8pm: Sleep, snore, fart

Finish this sentence. My dog makes me smile when …

He smiles at me and wiggles his butt when I get home from work – every single day. It’s amazing that he’s not sick of me, even I am sick of me.

My dog is my best friend because….

He loves me no matter what, he’s the funniest guy I have ever known (don’t tell my husband this)