Rilee & Mulligan


❤️ How did you meet your bff?

Mulligan is from a wonderful 3rd generation Golden Retriever breeder in our home state of Michigan. When we went to visit the breeder and pick out our new family member, Mulligan was the first pup out of the litter to come run over, jump up on our lap, and give us some love. We knew he was our puppy instantly!

❤️  Describe your dog in three words!

Silly, wild, always wet!

❤️ What's the strangest thing your dog has eaten?

He ate six hot dogs in under 30 seconds! He jumped out on the counter and nommed them all up before we even realized!

❤️ Does your dog love being on the water?

Mulligan is PAWBSESSED with water. Swimming in the lake, jumping in the pool, playing in the sprinkler, tipping over his water bowl and rolling around in it - if it has water, he wants to be in it!

❤️ Which activity does your dog seem to enjoy?

Mulligan's favorite thing is to play chase with friends. He sometimes sneaks toys he isn't supposed to have, just so that mom or dad will run around the house and chase him for it.

❤️ What's the naughtiest thing your dog has done?

Besides stealing hot dogs from the barbecue, Mulligan also has a naughty habit of dragging toilet paper around the bathroom!

❤️ Can you share an amazing experience you have had with your dog?

We recently took Mulligan up north with us for his very first 4th of July holiday in Northern Michigan. He spent 7 days floating on the lake, swinging on the hammock, playing with friends, and celebrating America! It was probably the best week he's ever had in his whole life.

❤️ Any tips on getting your bestie's perfect pic?

It's all about the treats! I like to hold one right above the camera and ask "who's a good boy?" to get that perfect smile! Also, Live Photo mode helps me find the perfect smile shot before he gets distracted.

❤️ How does your bestie react when you're going on an adventure?

Mulligan knows he's going on a great adventure when his harness comes out! That means he's going somewhere where he will be so excited he can't even contain himself.

❤️ Complete the sentence. Life with Mulligan is...

a happy life :)