Chanel & Pepper


Your bestie's name, age, and breed.

Pepper, 6 (we don’t really know for sure), Border Jack mix.

How did you get your pup?

My friend found her in a parking lot and fostered her until we met. It was love at first sight.

Does your pup love meeting other people or other dogs?

She LOVES people. The most friendly dog. When it comes to dogs, it’s a case by case situation haha

What's your favorite activity together?

Our favorite activity is the dog park and cuddles in bed. She is so intuitive. When I’m upset she just rubs up against me and stays there.

Have you taken your bestie to work? Tell us about it!

I get to take my bestie to work twice a week! She is with me right now. It’s so nice having her with me all day, going to meetings with me and helping me brainstorm some new content.

What does she do that always makes you smile?

She likes to talk a lot. Not necessarily barking but she makes these hilarious noises and it just brings me so much joy.

How do you pamper your BFF?

She gets a lovely bath every other week and on special occasions, she gets scrambled eggs.

How does she greet you when you arrive home?

She jumps and cries every time I get home.

How does your BFF react when you're doing your make up?

She usually sits under my feet while I do my makeup.

Can you share some tips in balancing between work and having quality time with your pup?

I try to bring Pepper everywhere with me if possible so that I can share my time with her. But of course, I travel often so I like to make sure she is staying with people who will entertain her and keep her busy while I’m away for long periods of time, then when I get back, we have a whole weekend of uninterrupted us time.