Rodson, Jasper & Louie


♡ How old are your pooches?

Jasper the Pomsky (Pomeranian x Husky) is 2 1/2 months and Louie The Eskiemute (Eskimo x Border Collie x Alaskan Malamute) is 1yr!

♡ How did you get Jasper & Louie?

I got Jasper as a “Clearance Puppy” from a breeder as he was the last of his litter and no one had gotten him until I did when he was 6months. I was also rejected by large rescue organizations because of living space which is why I had to go thru a breeder. That said, it worked out for Jasper and I even though he was very shy at first which required plenty of training until I decided to apply one last time at a rescue to adopt for a second puppy. Long and behold I was approved to adopt Louie!! Since then, Louie has been Jasper’s social guard as anytime we meet new people Louie is the first to greet them while Jasper is much more calm and stays by my side.

♡ Where is the most memorable place you’ve been?

So far, the most memorable place I’ve been with both of them is Radium in British Columbia.

♡ What is your favorite activity with the both of them?

We aim to make a daily trip to the off-leash dog parks around our neighborhood which is our time with each other and friends to socialize. Of course, weekends when we’re out exploring mountains would be our ultimate favorite activity and if we could make that a living would be amazing!

♡ What is their fave past time? 

Their favorite past time is definitely napping and wrestling in between!

♡ Can you even say no to them? 🙂 What is life like with such adorable dogs?

It’s hard to say no to them especially when I’m trying to prep my meals they will both actually stare me down with their eyes! If it doesn’t work with them side by side then Jasper will go to the other side of the counter and trap me! So of course, I hand them each a piece of fruit/veggie. Life with these boys have been a box of surprises because they’ll get noticed once in a while at the parks or while we’re adventuring and someone will recognize them through social media. It’s very humbling and am just thankful they bonded from the beginning.

♡ Where do you get your inspiration for your images?  Do the boys cooperate very well?

The inspiration comes from getting outdoors and being active with your pup(s) I’ve never been so active in my life until Jasper and we encourage others too by sharing our stories we hope it inspires others to get out further than opening the back door to their yard. In addition, I’d like to prove that living in a small condo space doesn’t mean you can’t be a pet owner because as long as you’re willing and able to, there’s no such thing to stop you from loving an animal in your care.

During photo sessions can vary as they cooperate very well when there are a variety of treats available so they know that once the camera comes out it’s treat time! If that doesn’t work, I’ll just let them run it off a bit and get their zoomies out before having a photo session.

♡ Can you tell us about their personalities? What is the silliest cutest thing they have ever done?

Jasper is more the shy, but mature type and very affectionate towards Louie most days he will actually groom Louie’s ears and face in the morning or before bed. Louie is the young rambunctious pup that must say hi to everyone in the elevator when we go down. He is also very sweet cuddle bug, not one day goes where he comes for a pet or just lays his face over my lap. Jasper & Louie are extremely adorable!

♡ Do they always get along? Do they share the same bed?

They’re best friends when they want to be which is 95% of the day. Louie usually keeps distance if Jasper is not in the mood he’ll play with Jasper’s toys and tease him with them. They have their own beds but mainly they sleep on each side of my bedside! Even though they’re allowed on the bed they just enjoy their space.

♡ Lastly, can you finish these sentences:

Jasper & Louie are my best friends because… they’ve taught me to be patient and to enjoy each day for what it is no matter how tough work can be they’ll be waiting and ready to have fun!

My dogs makes me smile when…they’re howling in sync with the tunes during road trips to the park and/or mountains!