Romantic Bridgerton!

🌹 It's the month of love! Which means one thing, scrolling through Netflix to find the perfect romantic movie to watch! If you haven't seen Bridgeton yet we suggest you clear your schedule!

🌹  The romance of this show had us binge watching over a weekend, or was it a weekday? We don’t know, as it all kind of blends into one these days, doesn’t it?

🌹 The pure escapism of Shonda’s recent launch of The Bridgeton family had us forgetting about all our current covid worries. Instead it allowed us to go back to a time when getting oneself a husband (of a suitable rank) and gaining your families respect was all that a young lady wanted or had to worry about!  

Blooming Gorgeous:

🌼 Watch it for the Duke of Hastings he really is ‘swoon-worthy’ said one friend. ‘He’s so gorgeous he’s the reason I watched it!’, said another bestie.

🌼 So we settled in for the day, night and following day too! (There's zero shame in cramming those episodes back to back!) 


Believe us it was such a delightful watch, cheesy, romantic and full of scandalous drama! If you are fed up of constantly wearing sweatpants just be grateful you don’t have to cinch yourself into a super tight corset and dress like these ladies in waiting! 


💐 The lock down binge-worthy show Bridgeton even inspired our latest FriendshipCollar print Romantic Roses. We may not be as snarky and scandalous as the narrator of this show, the gossip mags writer, Lady Whistledown but read on to see how this show inspired us! 

Floral Dresses:

👗 The dramatic dresses of The Featherington girls! They turned heads in the 'ton' for their flamboyant floral choices! Penelope Featherington and her sisters wore those bold ballgowns with such confidence you really couldn't miss them when they made their entrance at the ball!

👗 Our romantic roses style is a little more muted and relaxed, after all not everyone can rock yellow florals like Penelope can! Look a little closer and you will see that florals are everywhere in the  Bridgeton high societies fashion choices!

👗  Gowns are embellished with delicate petals to huge bright blooms. The fashion of this era matches the storyline, all about blossoming women! 

Huge bunches of flowers, everywhere!

❤️ Gifting flowers has always been de-rigour in the dating scene. There's nothing quite like a bunch of blooms, tied neatly in an elegant bow, to sweep a woman off her feet! We loved all of the flower arrangements that each of the male suitors brought with them on their first dates!

❤️ No man arrived empty handed when they came to court and win over their possible future beloveds. Each bunch was more stunning than the last.

❤️ These scenes left us feeling a little glad we didn't have to date in this way. Imagine all of your family piling into the living room in the morning after a fancy ball, to see who wanted your hand in marriage? #awkward 

Home Envy:

💐 We are still gawping at the purple wisteria fronted home of the effortless Bridgeton family! Who knew a home could look so pretty! The flowers didn't stop at the door, the insanely grand flower arrangements continued inside, in huge vases that filled so many of the rooms!

💐 The one at the top of the stairs really needs a mention as it was bigger than Daphne herself! We had so much home envy for these million pound magestic mansions!

Walks along the promenade:

💮 We loved watching the walks by the lavish lake, the fancy picnics in the park and the *spoiler alert!* Night time kisses under the moonlight in the gardens! It was a huge nod to the delightful British London parks and countryside!

💮Look closely and you will see that white British roses are scattered throughout the scenery.  The archways of flowers at the parties and to the single stem which Simon plucks for Daphne. The Bridgeton floral decorations do not disappoint!

Flower Accessories

✨ There’s a lot of floral elements in the jewellery worn by the women ‘in the Ton’. From delicate tiaras, huge dangling earrings and flower hair accessories that get all the more oversized as the series goes on...

🥀 Leading up to one enormous floral diamond necklace which is gifted to Daphne by the Prince but  *spoiler alert* she takes it off and leaves it on a ledge outside in the garden, leaving us wondering what happened to it? 

The Pups of Brigderton

🐶 Let’s not forget the many cute little Pomeranians that feature in this show! This Queen's favorite breed of pup! Oh to be a Queen and have as many dogs as you please! This calls for an assistant per pooch!

🐶 These fluffy little puppers blend in with the gowns, check them out sitting prettily on these ladies knees! What a job! Those pampered pooches had us hooked!


Grab a box of chocolates, wear your Romantic Roses FriendshipCollar with your dog on your lap and settle in for multiple hours of a back to back Bridgeton fest! You won’t regret it!

Get the Look!

Romantic Roses

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