The Ultimate Dog Mom Game!

Dog momma's are our fave people... but what we really want to know is how much of a dog-mom are you? Check the boxes and tally up how many you have done this year so far!

1. Picking up dog poop

2. Making sure our bestie's don't chow down on foods that they shouldn't be eating

3. Having dog-fur on everything we own

There are literally ONLY three things that we could think of that make having a bestie with paws a little challenging. If anything we think that they make every day so so so so so much better. Poop, stinky farts, snoot and eye-boogers and all!

It's not always easy being a dog-mom, but someone's got to do it! 

How many did you circle?  Score points below! 

1-5 Points -
Look at you! Sat there, relaxing in your yoga pants and sweatshirt, eating that Banana bread! You are totally rocking this quarantine life! Your bestie is lucky to have you! But don't furget, there's so many cute things to do with your pup this month! Go on, be the dog mom - your dog knows you are!  

6-10 Points-  Wow you really are having fun with your dog! We can just imagine them following you to the fridge, sharing your snacks and settling down for another showing of the notebook, whilst you sob into their fur at the cute parts and share your Ryan Gosling obsession with them. After all, your dog's the best at keeping you sane and keeping your secrets! 

11-20 Points - Ok, so you have fur all over your clothes. Your place is a mess, your dog is so so spoilt and you are totally and utterly enjoying every single minute of being a stay at home dog mom...can we please be friends? We can’t wait to meet you when social distancing is a thing of the past! 

20-30 Points - You just won the Ultimate dog mom prize. Can our dog be friends with your dog? We think they will get along pawfectly! Until then, we need a Zoom meeting with you STAT!  

Puppy kisses to your besties! You are lucky to have each other. After all, a house isn't a home without a bestie with paws.

Love & friendship x