Ryan & Remi

♡ What is life like having Remi as a best friend?

It is great! Always can count on him to cheer up my day with his goofy charm and doughy brown eyes.

♡ What is the sweetest thing Remi does?

Well he has a few but I'd say the best is when I'm laying down he will crawl under my shirt and sleep on my chest. He started doing this at 10 weeks old when he was sick one time, and still loves it to this day.

♡ How would you describe a day in the life of Remi?

Well he is definitely lucky when it comes to this because he is a Southern California dog with a balcony so while his best friend is at work he has free reign of the house and balcony. I've wanted to invest in a household camera to actually see what he is up too. Days off though are full of excitement from going to the park, hiking on trails, or just laying out at the beach

♡ Can you tell us a bit about his personality?

He is a Prince, very kind and compassionate to all kinds of people especially he loves little kids for some reason. Loves giving kisses to anyone he meets. And has to ask at least every other person we pass to pet him.

♡ He is so tiny! How old is he?

Well he was the runt of his litter (purebred dachshund) so he's pretty small he weighs about 8lbs and he is just about 7 months old.

♡ Does he get to travel with you?

He loves car rides! I take him just about everywhere I go unless he is unable to be present there. We have yet to fly though, but possibly this summer we will be traveling to visit his grandparents. We are always going to trails and beaches though he's a very sociable dog.

♡ What makes him so special to you?

He just brightens my day to day life what more can you ask for? 

♡ Remi is the coolest best friend because.... He has always been loyal and always knows when you've had a bad day and is extra snuggly with you 😊