Schmitt & Bethany

Instagram: @schmitt.happens

♡ How long have you been besties for?

Nearly 2 years!

♡ What’s life like with Schmitt?

He is so cuddly and warm 😂 he is also so easy going and loving. He just makes me so happy everyday!

♡ What’s sweeter: Schmitt or donuts?

Definitely Schmitt maybe with a few sprinkles on top 😋

♡ How does your dog make you feel whole?

They show us a love that no human could, it’s an unspoken love and they just show it endlessly. He definitely makes me feel more whole!

♡ Why do you think donuts have a hole in the middle?

I think it makes them look more unique or maybe it’s just to spare us a few calories 😂

♡ How do you feel when you have to leave Schmitt?

I hate leaving him and always tell him where I’m going and how long I will be 😂

♡ What does your dog do when you leave him alone?

Sounds like he was being tortured by the sound he makes when I get home 🤣

♡ How does he greet you when you return?

He makes the weirdest but cutest noises like squeals when I get back it’s the best greeting ever!!

♡ What do you love more? Dogs or Donuts!

Dogs dogs dogs

♡ What is your dog’s guilty pleasure?

Eating rabbit poop!

♡What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

We love the whole concept 😉😂 and the donut design, it’s so cute and unisex too!

♡ Finish these sentences…

Donuts are the best because… Umm the’re Donuts!! 😋😂 Sugar and carbs are always a winner!

My bestie sprinkles me with….. love and wet licks

Donut Worry…just love dogs!