Hugo & Ursula

♡ How long have you been besties for?

4 years 10 months… but who’s counting

♡ What’s life like with Hugo?!

A fairy tale where the prince is a dog!

♡ What’s sweeter, Hugo or donuts?

HUGO, he’s lucky I haven’t eaten him up yet!

♡ What is your dog’s guilty pleasure?

Drinking water from the toilet

♡ How does your dog make you feel whole?

When I am away from him a part is missing.

♡ Donuts are the best because…

Good guy cops are always eating them in films.

♡ Why do you think donuts have a hole in the middle?

So you can wear them like glasses

♡ Which do you love more? Dogs or Donuts!

Dogs with donuts on their heads

♡ How do you feel when you have to leave Hugo?

Guilty. He hates when I leave him so much that he will bark and howl at whoever is holding his lead.

♡ How does Hugo greet you when you return?

He jumps up or lies on his back for belly rubs

♡ What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

It represents the closeness we share and the world we mean to each other

Finish these sentences:

Donut Worry Be….walking your dog in the park.

My bestie sprinkles me with….. his hair.