Sid & Doret

We adopted Sid from PETS Township Empowerment – Johannesburg on the 15th of May 2015. Sid was found as a stray, extremely skinny, with hardly any teeth and a broken jaw. Part of his lower jaw was surgically removed by a Dental Specialist at Onderstepoort. I believe destiny arranged for Sid and I to meet!

Sid is an amazing boy. Resilient and very, very brave. He doesn’t realise that he is “different” and is a happy go lucky boy. Playing, napping and giving cuddles is just part of a normal day. Sid loves food, he can lick it if I blend his food to a soupy consistency with the stick blender, otherwise I feed him by hand.

Sid is an extension of me and I feel incomplete if I don’t have him in eyesight. I am besotted! I love this very senior, frosty faced, stubborn, long dog. It is amazing how he taught me to live each day to the best of my ability. I will love Sid forever! Adopting him has changed my life.

Sid also has his own facebook page, Just Sid :)