Coastal German Shepherd Rescue - San Diego

Our rescue was founded in 2004 in Orange County, CA. We attained 501c3 nonprofit status in 2007. Due to our success in adopting dogs in neighboring San Diego County, we were granted independent 501c3 status in 2013 for the San Diego chapter. Our current tax ID is 45-2899279.

German Shepherds (GSD) are a very strong minded breed. While we don't like to generalize because every German Shepherd is truly different, they need a best friend that will be their leader, teaching them what is expected of them and instilling confidence in them. GSD are very sensitive to their surroundings and are NOT the type of dog that can be left in the yard without daily love and attention. GSD are incredibly loyal to their people and have so much love to give.

Currently our oldest dogs are Soul and Brigham, both a 9 year olds. Brigham is a magnificent GSD who is afflicted with degenerative musculoskeletal issues. We're currently assessing his needs and are developing a program of medical management and physical therapy to make his remaining years the best they can be. Soul isn't quite a shepherd. He was turned in with Luna, one of the many pairs we take in. While our name is Coastal German Shepherd Rescue of San Diego, we do not take just German Shepherds. Our rescue has many mixes as we take in dogs from all over, even from Mexico and Asia, and even those with medical needs that other rescues and shelters are unwilling to take.


 Druid is a beautiful white shepherd mix, that has some training. He is housebroken, loves car rides, and expects that you will share your bed at sleep time! He loves to cuddle with his person. Druid has tons of energy and would enjoy going to a home with another dog that likes to play. He is our energizer bunny of the rescue. Speaking of bunnies, one of Druid’s quirks is that when he’s happy to see you he hops straight up. Straight up, bouncing up and down. He may not be 100% Shepherd, but he is one of the happiest dogs we have. He has a great personality and wants to be with you and your pack.

While Druid may be a German Shepherd mix, he has a shepherd heart. This big, happy two year old just wants a family of his own to love. When Druid falls in love with you be ready, seeing his favorite people causes him to jump straight up in the air earning him the affectionate nickname of "Bounce." Druid loves to play with people and dogs alike, go hiking, play in the yard, long walks on the beach, and watching the sunset. While he has plenty of energy, he also appreciates a good cuddle session. Druid always has a grin on his face awaiting the day that his forever home will find him. Hopefully they come with a playmate in the pack as well.


Luna is a sweet, bi-color Shepherd who was initially rescued along with her best pal, Soul. She is two years old and a favorite with our volunteers. She’s dog-friendly, but is still working on her “pack” manners. In foster care over the Holidays, she was respectful of the alpha female in the family, but also a bit bossy when it comes to males. She doesn’t seem to like discord; if other dogs are playing too roughly, she’ll try to “break it up” so that everyone is getting along. One thing is for certain, Luna is not a good candidate for a house with small dogs, cats, or small (toddler) children. Her new forever best friend should have GSD experience and able to guide Luna to become a happy, loving, playful pup and less of a referee.