Summertime Fun with Friends

It’s the best time of year – time off from work and school, the days are longer, the air is warmer and there are so many fun activities to do! The best(ie) part? Since summer is all about being outdoors, you can really include you bestie in a lot of the fun!

Go for a Hike

Get down and dirty with your own Mucky Pup and enjoy a good old fashioned sweaty, messy trek in the outdoors. You can traipse over flat trails or hit something steep and rocky – either way, your bestie will have a blast!

Pamper Yourself – and Your Pupper!

Sit back, relax and enjoy a day of self-care with your furry friend right alongside you! Whether it’s sharing some healthy frozen smoothies or massaging your pup, you and your Pampered Pooch  can relax in style.

Take in a Fireworks Display

Whether it’s actually the Fourth of July or just somewhat around then, you and your Presidential Dog can find a nice outdoor space to watch the (safe) rockets’ red glare or find a patriotic parade to take in!

Netflix & Pup

Enjoy some stress-free binge watching nights with Man’s Best Friend as your bestie curls up by your side and happily watches The Office with you for the 37th time.

Take a Dog Friendly Road Trip

Pack some snacks and look up pup-friendly restaurants and/or hotels and take a day (or a weekend) away with your Jet Setting Pooch! Your bestie will enjoy seeing and sniffing some new sights and you get the best of both worlds: a mini vacay with your pup still by your side.

Hit the Beach

Splash in the waves, dig in the sand and have an all around doggone good time at a (dog-friendly) beach! Be sure to deck your bestie out in their Magical Malachite finest for top notch scenery coordination.

Turn Up the Tunes

Deck yourselves out in your rock ‘n roll finest Great Genes and have a doggy dance party going on! Whether your pup howls along on or off key or just gets his tail a-thumpin’ on or off – beat, you can’t beat a bestie dance off!

How are you planning on enjoying these summer months with your bestie? Send us a snap 📸 and show off the two of you having the bestie time of your lives!