Unusual Besties: Summer Vacay Edition

There’s no time like summer vacation – and no better way to spend it than with your four-legged besties! These furry friendships from all over the world, have captured our hearts – as they capture the travel bug! We’re soooo excited for the summer season – from vacations, to bestie photo ops, to a new summer wardrobe. Which of these adorable friendships stole your heart? 

Henry & Baloo

Cynthia Bennet

Ah, the friendship between cats and dogs – is there anything cuter? Who needs a hat when your bestie is riding on your head? Henry was born a street puppy and was adopted by his mama, Cynthia, and soon became a hiking-loving woofer! Baloo was a rescue kitten as well and it was friendship at first sight for the two of them. “As soon as he met Henry he attached himself right away. Baloo definitely has an obsession with Henry – if I need him to calm down, I’ll put him next to him and he’ll just fall asleep,” Cynthia says. This dynamic duo lives for outdoor camping trips – would your bestie be a camping cutie?

Parisian Napping Buddies

Travel Tweeter

This adorable duck and doggo combo have been spotted many times walking around – and napping on – the cobbled streets of Paris. Ooh la la! Tbh our fave types of friendship involves lots of naps and a city full of amazing food, too. We just wish we knew more about his unexpected and adorable friendship! 

Trend Setter & Jet Setter

CSN/Liu Ranyang

This dashing duo was photographed on the streets of China, enjoying a whirlwind Asian adventure. We love that the bigger bestie is a very willing quadruped cab for his smaller friend. Did someone say, animal uber? 

Local Day Trippers

Jennifer Boyle

While this large horse and tiny kitten may not get to travel abroad together, they go for various day trips and rides and hacks around the country – the perfect staycation besties! Can you imagine the kitten’s first thought on seeing this big guy?? He’s leaping onto his bestie’s back! 

Purrfect Picnic Pals

Kata Egyed

Rozi the fox terrier and Mici the cat are the definition of happily lazy summer days. Their back to back snuggling is just awww! They adore lounging out in the sun and travelling at the best parks for picnics and play sessions!

Straight Outta Wind in the Willows


Toad and Mouse – now that’s a classic fairytale if we ever heard one! These unlikely friends travel their countryside together, with the more aquatically-inclined assisting his landlubber bestie. Their leisurely swims together and croaking friendship is so unusual!

Sahara & Anatolian – Travelling Ambassadors for Friendship

Cincinnati Zoo

These two besties grew up together in the Cincinnati Zoo and now are proud leaders of the Cat Ambassador Program! They travel from the U.S. to farmers in Namibia and South Africa to teach farmers about how to train dogs to protect livestock, rather than resorting to shooting beautiful big cats! Besties with a purpose! Do you love big cats too? Have you checked out our Wild & Free FriendshipCollar, in collaboration with Greater Good? A percentage of proceeds from sales of Wild & Free, help these beautiful Jaguars run wild and free, protected from poachers and able to breed.  


We love that these unique bestie combo’s are spending their summers together. Whether you are planning a road trip to see new sights, a beach trip away from your bestie (stay connected with your FriendshipCollar) or a staycation with your BFF this summer we want to see pictures!

Stay tuned for the BRAND NEW Summer Collection from FriendshipCollar launching very soon! 😱😱