Suns Out Paws Out!

It’s beach season, it’s outdoors season, it’s beat the heat season – all with your bestie! There’s nothing like the bright sun and the rush of endorphins that come when you shed your winter wools to motivate you and your furry friend to want to get outside and run around. Suns out, Paws out!

You’ll want to keep in mind, however, that your fur baby can get overheated a bit easier than you, their hairless human, so here’s some killer ways to exercise and enjoy the sun, but stay safe this summer, with your bestie by your side.

Wetter is Better

Prettier than any mermaid!

Always make sure you keep some cool, refreshing water on hand for your powerhouse pooch. Collapsible water bowls are great for on the go and pouring them water that’s been kept cool in an insulated bottle will go a long way for regulating their temp.

Protect them Paws

A happy pup has happy paws!

Your baby’s lil pads are more susceptible to hot surfaces than you might think. Walking across asphalt for them in the summer is like yourself walking barefoot over hot coals. Keep your pup to greener pastures or invest in some totes adorbs little booties for their feet.

Besties Shouldn’t Tan

SPF and lots of shade for your BFF!

Lighter skinned and short-coated dogs have less natural protection from those pesky UV rays. If there’s any exposed pink skin, use some pet-safe sunscreen to keep it safe from harm and contrary to some beliefs, shaving your long-haired dog will actually leave their skin more at risk for overexposure and also messes up the natural cooling mechanisms inherent in their coat.

Chill Break for Besties

Cool, inside and out

Remember your pup most likely won’t have your same heat stamina but they also won’t be able to vocalize when they need some time out. Look for signs of your pooch being worn out including exposed gums, lagging tail, panting and ears back and give them a breather – preferably somewhere either shady, ventilated or air-conditioned.

Parked Cars are Ovens

Feel the breeze!

Do not – we repeat, do not – leave your dog alone in a parked car in the summer heat. They will bake as interior temperatures reach well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the air becomes stuffy and unbearable. Instead take your bestie with you! Crack open all the windows, while you drive and let them feel the wind in their fur!

Reward your Athlete

Some frozen blueberries or a puppy-safe vegan banana smoothie sure do make excellent treat rewards! They will cool down your power player and let them beat those yummy munchies!

Are you planning to get in shape with your furry friend this summer? Do you have a dock dog or a marathoning mutt? We’d love to see snaps of you two healthy and happy.


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Love & friendship x