The Dogs Who Shaped Us

Call us softies or suckers for nostalgia, but there’s just something about our childhood shows and stories, that makes us smile. When they come complete with a four-legged lead, we’re just about sunk. Take a stroll down memory lane and revisit a few familiar furry faces. 


What’s the story, Wishbone?  The story is: we learned more from this well-read pup than we did from any English Lit class! Whether he was “Cyranose” or “The Hunchdog of Notre Dame”, we were instantly transported right into a classic tail, er, tale with gusto. Notable line (as Mr. Darcy): “Oh, Bingley, you know I don’t dance. You know I have four left paws.”



A baby’s best friend, through and through! Spike was the perfect representation of the ideal family dog and a willing participant in all things imagination. Whether he was a stand-in dinosaur for Tommy Pickles or a quick getaway for our baby heroes, he was always loving and always game!

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 The Homeward Bound Trio

Chance, Shadow, and Sassy were the OG best friends. Loyal to a fault, they stuck together and made the long journey home to reunite with their family. These dogs (and cat) taught us about friendship, working together, and the importance of never giving up. Excuse me, my eyes are watering up already.

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 Hush Puppy

While Lamb Chop for sure got the most attention on Lamb Chops’ Play Along, Hush Puppy’s calm, positive demeanor always made a joke land. He was always in a good humor and never failed to make us laugh with a knock-knock joke. Where Lamb Chop delivered the sarcasm, he gave us the sweetness.

YouTube: VideoClipsForBabies


Oh, Dog. As one half of the iconic CatDog, you never failed to balance out Cat’s jaded quips with your sunny optimism. One of Nickelodeon’s stranger offerings, Dog still managed to make his mark on our hearts. Oh, and his voice, Tom Kenny, went on to become SpongeBob.



Pro inclusivity, anti-bullying, and with a decided stance against animal abuse, Air Bud was actually kind of ahead of its time. While Buddy was certainly a pro at sinking hoops, he was even more a pro at worming his way into our hearts. Show of hands – who gave their own dog vanilla pudding cups after this movie?



Surrogate mama to everyone’s favorite talking pig, Fly looked out for the young and those unable to care for themselves. She also showed us the power of growth and being always willing to learn, as she overcame her own prejudices and learned a few things about the lives of sheep.



AKA the Taco Bell Chihuahua, she had us all speaking Spanish and craving a Baja Chalupa. This pint-sized pooch was full of sass – who can forget that time she took on Godzilla? In fact, Gidget became so synonymous with the brand that people were coming into Taco Bells to only buy the plushes and not any food, leading to the brand eventually moving away from their miniscule mascot. Gidget also continued her star-studded career with an appearance as Bruiser’s mom in Legally Blonde 2.

Taco Bell

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This bright-eyed Beagle tugged at all our heart strings and kicked off quite a trend of wishing for a pup of our own to follow us home. With a thankfully happy ending, this tear-jerker never fails to make us want to hug our dogs a little closer.

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“We’ll always be friends, won’t we?” This tale of unlikely friends overcoming their strict and historical differences of bloodlines is a testament to the power of true friendship. Though we may grow up, grow apart, and grow hardened, Copper is always there to remind us that some bonds can never be broken.

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 101 Dalmatians

This movie for sure made us realize that one dog is just NOT enough!  101 doggies in one room = our idea of heaven!


 Who was your childhood best dog-friend? Let us know which fictional dog still has your heart!