The Real Royal Weddings!

Well, FriendshipCollar family, the big day may have happened over the weekend but we’re still feeling the love high from the Royal Wedding! But before we sad-eat an entire family bar of chocolate at the realization that we may never become a real life princess ourselves, the perfect pick me up is in this week’s blog post which features some very cute faces. That’s right, we have rounded up some of the best DOG weddings! These pawsome nuptials are so so cute, I mean is there anything more romantic, cute and awww inducing than a pupper’s wedding day? Just imagine the wedding prep, are Dog-zilla’s a thing? These are some weddings we wish we were invited to!

Check out our gallery below and remember that for any human wedding, a dog is a TOTALLY acceptable plus one. Just imagine the seating chart! That’s one wedding guest we would want to be sat next to!

Honestly More Extravagant than Harry & Meghan

New York Humane Society


Chilly the poodle and Baby Hope Diamond the Coton de Tulear! These two socialite lovebirds tied the knot to the tune of a $270,000 ceremony in New York! It was all for a worthy cause, too, with the tux, gown, and other necessities donated and over $50,000 raised for the Humane Society.

Like Game of Thrones, but Cuter


Lady and Mack are technically, ahem, half-siblings, but their wedding was no Cersei & Jaime affair! Mack, a bit of a blog-famous socialite, was united with Lady at his one-year birthday party, and a friendship wedding was born!

Happily Ever After (or a Few Weeks Anyway)

Karl and Nala’s owners met at a dog park and noticed their crazy pups had a natural affinity for each other and, despite size and breed differences, wanted to play together each time they went. So naturally, when a doggy romance blooms, their owners threw them a wedding! The irony? Soon after their bestie nuptials, they lost almost all interest in their pay dates and ignore each other at the dog park. The best laid plans…

You May Now Lick the Bride…

Animal Fair

These lovepups don’t have a super elaborate backstory other than the fact that they recognized a kindred spirit in each other! The tiny twosome “tied the knot” a few years ago and we like to think they’re still in puppy love!

Insta Love

Toast Meets World

Toast & Finn, Instagram celebrity dogs, had the Manhattan wedding of the season just a few years back. These puppy mill rescues met at a fundraiser a year prior and their human besties knew they had a special collaboration on their hands. Toast even wore a Marchesa gown! (We are officially not living our best lives, tbh, and we’re almost more jealous of these pups than of Meghan Markle!)

We hope you enjoyed these canine nups, the real marriages of royalty! And remember, if you’ve found your own Harry or Meghan, we promise a Guaranteed YES! when they skip the boring, old school down on one knee proposal and instead pop the question with your pup and a FriendshipCollar! How could you say no to your pooches cute face?

Our brand-new Azure FriendshipCollar can act as your dog’s ‘something’ blue on their wedding day!

Who else wants to plan their dog’s wedding?

Love & friendship x