The Bestie Part of any Wedding

Our tails are a-waggin’ for the new royal couple-to-be tomorrow! And while, yes, the pageantry and the literal princes and princesses are so exciting and will make for a gorgeous affair, we think there’s one way weddings have been even better. That is, of course, when dogs are involved! So tomorrow morning you can post up with classy finger foods and binge watch Harry & Meghan’s marriage and tonight, take a walkies through our collection of dogs taking part in weddings!

Ready to Give his Mommy Away

Jack Looney

This dapper doggo was all decked out in his black tie finest to walk his mommy down the aisle! Is it just us or are you pretty sure he’s 1,000x cuter than even her groom could’ve been??

Flower Pooches

Kate Preftakes Photography

The matching tulle tutus has us floored! We’d never say this to a bride, but we think their dresses are even cuter… 😶

First Family Portrait

Kristin La Voie Photography

We now pronounce you husband and wife and proud pupper! We personally think all wedding photos should have the dog front and center!

The Real Star

Rachel May Photography 

Talk about stealing the show! Take a backseat, bride & groom, this winter white doggo was clearly the focal point of a glamorous wedding.

Lead the Way

Rebekah Murray 

This bestie is always by his mama’s side and was clearly pumped to be a part of her big day. Lead the way, bestie Balto!

Forget the Flowers

Sonya Khegay

Not all besties can quite walk down the aisle on their own – so carrying your beloved bunny is so cute, we’re sure that all eyes were on Thumper!

Don’t Forget the Real Love of your life!

Studio 29

First thing – this photographer has it totally right: we’d forgo snapping the people’s heads to catch this adorable pupper, too! Second, we love that, even on her wedding day, this furry friend knows to expect all the best love. 💕

Was your bestie a part of your big day? Are you planning on making them a part of popping your big question? Don’t forget to go for a guaranteed yes with a FriendshipCollar and share with us any bestie-infused engagement or wedding pics!