Why Dogs Are Man's Best Friend

Are you excited this year to see the world with a travel companion? The year 2020 became the worst year ever in air travel demand due to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

However, 2021 has shown a gradual increase in domestic and international airline travel. For your next road or plane trip, you may consider bringing a human's best friend instead of a human.

You don’t need to worry if your dog experiences travel anxiety and stress. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a popular option to relieve canine anxiety.

Another option to help calm dogs is to use essential oils, extracts containing beneficial active compounds that promote healing and balance. Many plant-based extracts are safe for dogs.

Want to learn more about why your next epic trip should include your pet dog? Continue reading to learn why canines make excellent travel buddies and possibly better ones than humans.

Less Predictability and More Excitement

Theories on how dogs became domesticated include humans needing a guard or companion. More recent research suggests that early humans started bringing canines inside from the cold outdoors.

Today, instinctive dogs are less unpredictable than humans as travel companions.

A dog is satisfied to be alongside its owner. Unlike human travelers, dogs won’t complain about the trip’s destinations, accommodations, or playlists. This factor can make your trip more enjoyable and lead to happy travels.

Dogs Can Be Conversation Starters

The most thrilling aspects of traveling cross-country or around the world include all the fascinating people you meet.

A 2021-22 survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) showed that 70% of United States households own pets.

Regardless of where you travel, you’re likely to meet pet owners and animal lovers. This experience can make it easier to make new friends and enjoy casual chats.

Having your pet pooch with you can function as an “icebreaker” to start engaging conversations with strangers. It’s another way to enrich your experience when you travel with a pet.

Bring a Dog, Look Like a Local

During the past year, many countries have lifted travel restrictions imposed during the coronavirus outbreak. This event has made international travel with pets more practical.

While visiting foreign countries can be a thrilling experience, tourist scams are an unfortunate reality.

One of the best ways to avoid such situations is by blending in with the locals. Forget about dressing like a tourist, for example.

Another way is to bring your furry friend with you on vacation. Most people would likely assume you didn’t travel to the other side of the world with your dog.

Go With the Flow

Traveling with humans often involves making checklists for travel planning, then checking off items on the list. While this approach can result in a well-planned trip, it also makes it less spontaneous.

Dogs are more flexible throughout a trip. For example, if you see a “No dogs allowed” sign at the first hiking trail you pick, you’ll need a “Plan B” to replace your original plan.

Your pet will be a happy dog if it can be with you and get some exercise.  This situation makes planning a trip not only more enjoyable but also more exciting.

Meanwhile, if you travel with humans, you’ll have to discuss and debate changes to your travel itinerary. If you’re in a big group, there’s a good chance not everyone will agree about the daily to-do list.

Discover Pet-Friendly Activities

Spotting “No pets allowed” signs may seem discouraging at first when you and your dog can’t visit certain tourist spots. You can make this situation a plus by finding venues and activities that allow pets and pet owners.

You’ll have the opportunity to avoid many so-called must-see attractions and enjoy more authentic sites that often don’t require an entrance fee.

One example is the US National Parks, where pets are sometimes allowed on trails, lodgings, and campgrounds. Other countries may offer similar pet policies.

Such experiences can also often give you and your dog a chance to stretch your legs and get some exercise.

The Nose Knows

Finding good food when you’re out of town can be challenging. It’s especially tough when you’re abroad. In several cases, you have to do some online research. Then, cross your fingers, take a bite, and hope you've made a wise choice.

Traveling with your dog can make the process easier. According to PAWS Chicago, scientists estimate that a dog’s smell is about 100,000 times more powerful than a human's sense of smell.

A dog’s sharp sense of smell can help you make better choices when looking for a sit-down restaurant, street food, or wet market vendor. For example, they’ll be able to sense fresh ingredients such as fish, shellfish, or meat.

Take It Slower 

When traveling with humans, one of the top goals is to see all the main tourist destinations in the area. That’s true whether you’re in Naples, Italy, or Naples, Florida.

Checking out several destinations can be rewarding but also quite exhausting. When traveling with your canine companion, you can take it slower. Taking it slow can make your trip more relaxing so that you’re ready to get back to the stresses of everyday life.

While traveling allows you to explore your world, dogs also enjoy investigating their environment. Think about it. When taking your beloved dog for a walk in the park, they’ll often become intrigued by things like plants, squirrels, and other dogs.

Bringing your dog on vacation can encourage “living in the moment” with your doggie.

Besides slowing down for canine care, you can also mimic their approach to life by slowing down to savor every second. Enjoy your zen moment!

Pet Bonding and a Fresh Perspective

Spending quality time with your dog may be tougher in your day-to-day life due to work, school, and home responsibilities.

However, traveling with Fido, Spot, or Max might be what you need. Going on trips together can help you develop a closer relationship with your dog. It’s partly about taking pet selfies, but it’s much more than that.

Taking day trips or summer vacations with your dog allows you to share travel experiences and enjoy each other’s company. 

Taking Rover on the Road

Traveling with a pet dog not only can be possible but also practical.

You can experience several advantages by making dogs your travel buddy. Canines can help you find pet-friendly places, they won’t complain about missing must-see sites, and their discerning sense of hearing and smell can help.

Why not see the world with your furry best buddy?

Author’s Bio: Ruth Riley

"Ruth Riley is an educator and writer. She teaches linguistics to college students and also conducts studies about CBD. She believes CBD is one of the best natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs and that it is worth more in-depth research and understanding. By utilizing her expertise in teaching and writing, she wishes to educate more people regarding CBD’s health benefits through her work found in CBDClinicals.com."