What's Your Pawsonality?

Have you ever wondered just what four-legged pack you would fall into? Have you daydreamed about living life as a dog? Wouldn’t you love to know your doggy döppelganger? Answer the questions below to find out your pawsonality in the canine world!


Pack your bags!

1. What would be your ideal vacation?

A. A fast-paced adventure – mountain climbing 🌄 or skiing!

B. Something on your own, like a whirlwind tour of Milan or shopping by yourself in NYC

C. Anything with your best friends. You’d love a good camping trip or a day at the beach, as long as you’re with your buds.

D. Something intellectual. You’ve always dreamed of exploring Scottish castles or curling up with a good book in an Italian café.


You got a friend in me!

2. How would your friends describe you?

A. Loyal, excitable, outdoorsy

B. Independent, strong-willed, loud

C. Kind, fun, always willing to help 🤗

D. Intelligent, introverted, complicated


Mirror, mirror, on the wall… All dogs are the fairest of all!

3. What is your most stunning feature?

A. Your thick hair

B. Your bold personality

C. Your genuine smile

D. Your enchanting eyes 👁


Howl along if ya know it!

4. What’s your favorite throwback song?

A. Save Tonight – Eagle-Eye Cherry

B. Independent Women 💃 – Destiny’s Child

C. Only Wanna Be with You – Hootie & the Blowfish

D. Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day


Anything but wet dog, please!

5. What Would Your Ideal Perfume Smell Like?

A. Crisp morning air & fresh snow

B. Rich spices & invigorating citrus 🍊

C. Freshly mown grass & warm honey

D. Bergamot & old, leather books


Happy and colorful, like a rainbow! 

6. What’s your favorite color?

A. Pale blue – Like the morning sky!

B. Bright red – Fiery and strong!

C. Spring 🌿 green – Warm, inviting, and happy!

D. Deep violet – Cool and mysterious!

Do your little catwalk, er, dogwalk, on the runway

7. What is your go-to fashion staple?

A. A perfectly fitted windbreaker – great for outdoor activities

B. A black blazer – powerful and chic!

C. A cozy sweater – nothing looks better than feeling good about yourself

D. A perfect pair of boots 👢- Super high and on-trend!


Everything the light touches, Simba…

8. What is your favorite time of day?

A. Just before 🌝 dawn, when the air is chilled and full of possibilities

B. Early evening. You’re in that sweet spot of getting all your work done and heading out on the town

C. Afternoon. The sun is shining, you’re full of energy, and your friends are all out

D. Midnight. The world is still and dark and you can get some good thinking time in


What’s cookin’, good lookin’?

9.What is your favorite food?

A. Totally healthy! Fruit and vegetables all day everyday!

B. Anything spicy! 

C. Pizza, pasta- real comfort food is where it’s at!

D. Wine and cheese for a true sophisticate


All right, my fellow humans! Time to add up your answers and find your canine companion (at least in the world of this quiz)


Mostly A’s – You’re a Husky! You are strong, loyal to your pack, fierce, and athletic


Mostly B’s – You’re a Chihuahua! Your personality is fierce and independent, and you have a high energy

Mostly C’s – You’re a Golden Retriever! You are everyone’s best friend and are reliable, lovable, and bring the fun wherever you go

Mostly D’s – You’re a Cat – wild card! You’re not a dog at all – you’re mysterious, independent, and intelligent, but are more introverted than a dog persona.


So how did we do? Sound off and let us know if you love your pet persona!