Workin’ Like a Dog

  We pretty much equate the nose to the grindstone life with us bipeds and possessors of opposable thumbs, but our four-legged friends have these canine careers locked down! There are so many incredibly talented pooches working hard, and hopefully playing hard too!    The Bomb Sniffer 💣 NY Daily News   You think your […]

Love is Sweet: Vegan Valentine’s Dog Treats

  Valentine’s is right around the corner and we all know what that means: lots of love and treats for our besties! While we’re stuffing our faces with chocolate hearts and marshmallow dreams, let’s not forget about our four-legged loves. These recipes are easy, healthy, and vegan-approved, so go get your bake on!   Pawfect […]

Animals in Like & in LOVE

  True friendship and love knows no boundaries – not even those genetically coded into the animal kingdom. These adorable inter and cross-species pairings will melt any heart (ours are all puddles already!)     Bubbles & Bella Bubbles the elephant was rescued from ivory poachers and brought to a sanctuary in the U.S. Bella’s […]

The Dogs Who Shaped Us

  Call us softies or suckers for nostalgia, but there’s just something about our childhood shows and stories, that makes us smile. When they come complete with a four-legged lead, we’re just about sunk. Take a stroll down memory lane and revisit a few familiar furry faces.     Wishbone What’s the story, Wishbone?  The […]

Famous (& Infamous!) Cats through the Ages

  It’s a well-known fact that cats rule all (seriously – have you ever tried convincing a cat otherwise?) These balls of fur and sass have always had strong personalities. Be it adorably ruining scholarly duties or even holding political office, there’s nothing that can’t be achieved with the proud determination (and adorbs face) of […]