6 Things Only Dogs Get Away With

Turns out living with other humans is a lot more stressful than living with dogs. Maybe that’s why you let Fido get away with things you’d never let your roommates do. Like…

Leaving their stuff everywhere.

Okay, so dogs don’t have opposable thumbs, so it’s not like they can clean up after themselves. Still, you don’t get mad when Fido leaves all his toys lying around after you just picked them up.

Stealing your food.

They say sharing is caring, but that only applies to your adorable pup! Let’s be honest, your dog probably gets one of your chicken nuggets when she wants one. But your roommates? Heaven help them if something mysteriously goes missing from your shelf in the fridge.

Being messy when eating.

Your canine companion slobbers, smacks, and strews their food all over the place. In a way, it’s kinda cute. Roommates who practice this behavior, though, will be forced to wear a bib and drink from a spill-proof cup. (At least, they should be.)

Barging into your room whenever they want.

Chances are good that your door is always open for your pups. Your roommates, however, must always observe the strict “knock first” policy, or else.

Waking you up.

No matter how (or when) your pooch wakes you up, he’s still the best nap buddy ever. We doubt you’d say the same about your roommate. (Unless said roommate is your significant other — then Fido would have some competition.)


When has your dog’s snoring ever annoyed you? That’s right: never, ‘cause it’s adorable.Whether it’s your friend or significant other, living with a roommate has its perks — most of the time. But before you kick your roomie to the curb, just be thankful that they don’t scratch the furniture or rip up the toilet paper. (At least, we hope they don’t.)Love and friendship x