Kelly & Ghost

♡ How old is Ghost?  Can you tell us the story about how you first met him?

Ghost will be 3 in September! I can’t believe how fast time has gone. I live in Texas but drove up to Pennsylvania to pick him up. Me and a few other families were in the room waiting to meet our buddies for the first time, and they opened up a door and about 15 husky puppies barreled out towards us. It was adorable chaos! I had already chosen Ghost before I met him, and he ran right up to me, out of about 8 people and tons of puppies, and just laid down by my feet. The other puppies were adorable but chaotic, running around chewing on shoelaces and wrestling with one another, but I think Ghost knew from the start that I needed him about as much as he needed me.

♡ What is a typical day like for him?

A typical day is generally laid-back. I work from home, so I get to spend a lot of time with him! He’s buddies with my cats, so they like to interact with one another. He grew up with two cats, so I think he thinks he’s part cat—as much as he naps!

♡ Can you tell us more about his personality?

He is SUCH a people dog. We go to dog parks and he could care less about the other dogs… He wants to meet YOU. His favorite thing is walking around downtown or in other highly populated areas so he can get all the attention. When it comes to day-to- day, he’s just super chill. Like most huskies, he can be a little chatty (understatement) if someone new walks into the house, but otherwise he’s pretty quiet!

♡ What has changed since your bff came into your life?

Around the time I got Ghost, I had just come home from four months in treatment for anorexia. I was extremely depressed, struggling with entering the actual world again, and just generally anxious and unable to do much. Ghost has literally saved my life. He gave me purpose when I needed it, got me outside on walks, and beyond that was a friend I needed when times were rough—and when they still get rough.

♡ Any tricks and habits of Ghost you would like to share?

He can say “I love you” pretty well!

♡ Can you also share a story about his sister Chai and the cloning process? We just want to know about their relationship and the amazing friendship they had. Are he and Remmy getting close now? :)

Oh goodness, thank you so much for asking about this! Chai was one of those pets that I had a unique bond with, unlike any connection I’ve felt with a pet or animal in my life. I love Ghost to pieces, but Chai was my heart. She understood me on an emotional level and would often crawl into my arms when I was in a super low place. She passed away entirely unexpectedly from a blood clot after a successful exploratory surgery, and I was totally devastated. Ghost got along so well with her, and I think he knew something bad was happening before anyone else because while she was away at the vet trying to figure out what was going on, at the overnight facility, etc. he was constantly crying to go into my room, which he never does. When she passed, he was quite clearly depressed, just hanging out in my room, looking around corners for her.I remembered the next day having talked about a cloning facility just north of where I live—Viagen Pets—and in my grief, called them up and decided to start the process of preserving her cells! She’s on a wait list that is estimated out at three months right now. They take her cultured cells and do some science magic and put them inside of a live cat and then the rest is like any kitten birth! You can read up more on Chai and the process at The funds raised there are being matched and going to a local no-kill shelter.I was actually pretty nervous about introducing him to Remmy! He grew up with Chai, so she was his pack, and I’ve read huskies can get pretty aggressive toward cats. But after some time seeing him through the crate, I let him out, and he has been so gentle. Remington is still getting used to the idea of a dog, but he’s warming up. Last night, they were both on my bed, and Ghost had his paw against Remmy with no protest!

♡ What's the cutest thing he has ever done?

Oh man. Beyond running straight to me as puppy, he used to drag my mom’s poor long-haired chihuahua around the house by the tail when he was no more than 10 pounds. The poor chihuahua had enough anxiety as it was, and now any time Ghost is home he hides—even though Ghost is super gentle around him now. I guess he never forgot.

♡ Describe your friendship with Ghost in 3 words ….

Loyal, silly, perfect

♡ Ghost is my best friend because…

…he is quite literally my emotional support animal; he helps me socialize without anxiety and is there, without judgment, when I’m feeling down! 

♡ Life with Ghost is ……

Relaxed! He is such a calm dog…especially for a husky! We spend days napping or romping around the awesome trails and parks in Austin when it’s not too hot!