Tammy & Abbey Bella

92% Napping, belly rubs & protecting the human.

Our latest pet crush:  Tammy & Abbey Bella

Social media fame:

Instagram: @abbeybellacavalier

Was it love at first sight?

Yes, love at first sight! It’s a long story. I essentially took Abbey home after she had been passed from one family, to two more families, then I came across her while my friend was dog sitting (there’s more to the story; my brother had offered to buy me a Cavalier puppy not a week before.  I had a screenshot of an adorable Cavalier puppy of the same coloring on my phone). Abbey’s then owner had a Husky for which he wanted a playmate, but soon realized that he had taken on a bona fide princess of a lap dog, not a rough and tumble outdoor wrestler. We have been together for almost four years now, and she is the biggest source of joy in my world.

Nicknames:  So many: Princess Puppy Face, BooBoo, BumBum, Pooper, Stinker, Princess Pooper, Munchkin, Munchkin Face, Princess Munchkin Face

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Colour of fur: red markings on white (aka Blenheim)

Describe Abbey in 3 words.. fluffy, co-dependent, judgmental

Her favourite trick? Ooh…spin in a circle (can only spin counter clockwise though) OR wave “hello”

Tell us a funny story about your pup: Abbey often walks around with a cookie held awkwardly in her mouth for 5-10 minutes, looks around to see if a person can see her, then “hides” said cookie where no one else can see.But to her, if no one watched her hide it, it is considered “hidden.” I have many photos of her cookies out in the open, in walkways or hallways, placed on a couch cushion, etc. Then she is completely shocked when I walk up to the cookie, point at it, and ask her where it is. Her eyes get even bigger, then she runs, picks it up, and re- “hides” it…in another highly visible area.

What’s the cutest thing your dog does? While fast asleep, toots loudly, wakes up suddenly from the sound, then looks around the room to see who dunnit.

What are Abbey’s main personality traits? Sweet, protective, nervous without me, eager to please

Does she have any favourite hobbies? Sleeping, catching flies or crickets, eating cookies, working for the cookie protection and relocation service, begging for  attention from people, walking.

Describe your dog’s typical day..Abbey usually tells me that she’s ready to get up by standing on my chest or wiggling her way in between me and whichever Apple product is currently in my hands. After breakfast, a quick walk, and pilates (joking) she comes to work with me and quickly begins her rigorous napping regimen. Napping takes up about 92% of her day. On work days, she usually goes from office to office silently begging for belly rubs and human food. At night, she usually naps until dinner time, eats, then takes a night time security detail walk to clear the neighborhood of cats, lizards, and other dogs.

Finish this sentence. My dog makes me smile when… her whimpers turn into a bark, realizes it was a little loud, then she looks around to avoid eye contact with me.

My dog is my best friend because…. she would give her own life if she thought she was protecting me from something. Errant plastic bags are completely unpredictable, so I do not blame her.