Breeanna & Eddie

Avoiding puddles, eating carrots & unconditional love!

Our latest pet crush: Breeanna & Eddie

Social media fame:

Instagram:  @sillytalkswitheddie

Facebook: sillytalkswitheddie

Nicknames: Ed

Breed: Pug

Colour of fur: Black

Describe your pooch in 3 words…  Silly, Silly, Silly

Eddie’s favourite trick? High Five! He will jump high and give anyone a “high five” for a treat!

Tell us a funny story about your pup: Silly Eddie loves carrots. You’d think they are like pieces of meat right off the grill. He goes bonkers every time we open the fridge because he thinks he may have a chance at getting a carrot.

What’s the cutest thing your dog does / has ever done? 

He’s 100% pug and pugs don’t like getting wet unless they have to. When walking outside after a rain shower it’s so cute to see him try to jump over puddles to avoid his feet getting wet.

What are his main personality traits? He’s so compassionate and loving. Every person and dog is his friend. Every

Any favourite hobbies you can share with us? Napping, Eating and cuddling!

Describe your Dog’s typical day… starts with a hearty breakfast, outside stiff session, followed by napping on the couch around all his toys. After his nap he is outside waiting for his doggy friends to come out.  There is not a day that goes by where he doesn’t pose for the camera.  He attends weekly photo sessions put on by his mom and dad. He lives a good life!

Finish this sentence. My dog makes me smile when…he gets really excited to see me when I walk in the door.

My dog is my best friend because… we love each other unconditionally. He daily brings me joy and at the end of every day I never fail to take care of him. We need each other. Without him life would be so dull and without my love for him he would not know the true meaning of life. I love this saying I heard “He may be in our lives for a short time, but that short time is his forever.”