Alexandra & Pump

Best friends: Alexandra & Pump

How old is your bestie? Pump is 9 months old.

How did you become best friends?

Pump is always by my side cuddling and listening when I call him. He knows I'm his caretaker and when he needs me he knows to come to me

.What is life like with Pump?

Life is easy with pump. He might squeal a lot but that's just who he is. He sleeps a lot and he's easy going. If nobody is home he will gladly stay happily in his cage. Everybody in my family loves him and takes care of him. He makes everybody laugh and smile. He's the cutest little boy ever.

Have you always had mini pigs?

Pump is my first mini pig and it's been less than a year that I've had him and it's not that hard because pump is a good boy and he knows right from wrong, but he's still learning everyday.

Does Pump get lots of attention and love it?

All he gets is attention from everybody, my family and strangers. He brings happiness to everyone around him.

What is Pumps favorite past time, food and happiest place?

Pump likes to sleep a lot lol he's not one to run around, or root, or venture everywhere. His favorite foods consists of pineapple, papaya, sweet potato, mango peels, and cucumber.  His happiest place is anybody's bed cuddling.

Can you tell us a hilarious story about Pump? How big will your bestie get?

One time my mom was doing laundry and we couldn't find pump so my mom and dad found him in the dryer full of clothes just laying on his side. He loves the warmth so he took it upon himself to climb in and take a nap. It was possibly the cutest thing ever!

Pumpernickel is my bestest friend ever because... he's my little baby boy he loves me and I love him! Life with Pump is...happiness.