Noam, Diana, & MJ

Best friends: Noam, Diana and MJ : Our couple is in fact a trio. We decided to get MJ together.

MJ is our best friend because… He makes every day an adventure. He makes each moment a special moment.

♡ How old is MJ?

MJ is 2 and a half years old.

♡ Can you describe his personality? What does he do that makes you laugh or cry or just so happy?

Everything with MJ is pure happiness. We have a very strong relationship with him, since the very first day he spent almost all his day with us (we’re starting our own business so we’re working at home) and all the nights too… When he’s happy, we’re happy. It’s that simple. And when we’re sad, looking at him make us happy. The only thing that make us cry about MJ, is when he’s sick.

♡ Can you tell us a bit more about your Pawsome world!

That’s a great question, nobody has asked us this question before! But it’s a hard one too. I can’t explain just his life is exciting! All the things he does, all the people and dogs that he meets, all the places he has visited it is so special.

♡ Can you share with us some exciting things that have happened to you since you started your Instagram account?

Wow, so many great things happen since we started his IG account. First we had the chance to meet so many great people, men and women who, just like us, shares their daily lives with their dogs, cats, bunnies and give them unconditional love. Recently we had the chance to visit Paris with MJ thanks to him. We were invited by a French TV Show to talk about his online popularity. It was a great experience for us and it was really fun taking pictures in front of some of the most famous places in the world. MJ Flying in front of the Eiffel Tower was one of my favorite pictures ever!

MJ’s also the reason why we decided to develop a project, he is our source of inspiration and we won a young entrepreneur contest with this project in my business school here in Toulouse. that’s pretty amazing.

A Communication agency noticed his instagram and since then MJ’s been invited in lots of exciting events. It is so fun for all of us!  For example he have the chance to visit the laboratory of the only french patisserie for dogs and of course he had to taste all the flavours. We also had the chance to visit the “car expo”, everyone was so surprised to see a dog in the center and it was a great moment for us. We want to take MJ with us everywhere, so every opportunity to do something with him instead of leaving him at home is a pawsome opportunity.

♡ Your pictures are always so inventive, what is the inspiration behind your shoots?

I think the first inspiration is MJ himself, I try to capture his daily dog life, his naps, his play time, his walks in our city or during our trips. I try to capture all his facial expression, the grumpy ones and the happy ones too. I think my favorite face that he pulls is when he’s eating something. That’s hilarious. We have lots of ideas too but only limit is the well being of MJ. We don’t want to take funny pictures if it means that MJ is uncomfortable.

♡ Also your videos are hilarious! Boy, can MJ soar through the air! Is this a skill he does on demand or only when treats are around?

I think he can fly and he believes it too. In the first “I believe I can Fly” video, we took of him, he was just a puppy we didn't see that his ears were flying first, we were looking for our subway tickets and all the people around us were laughing. We didn’t understand why until we saw MJ, his ears flying. I used my phone to capture a few seconds of the scene and we didn't post it for months. Once I posted it MJ became known as The Flying Ears Beagle.

♡ Can you tell us something unique about MJ?

MJ is unique because he’s our little boy, he’s so cute, so sweet, so fun, so everything! and we love him so much. But every single pet owner would say that. I think what’s unique about MJ is our friendship.

It looks like MJ loves to explore Paris! What is his favorite place to hang out?

He loves Paris so much. walking in this beautiful city, meeting some amazing people and dogs. His favorite place in Paris was probably the huge park all around the Eiffel Tower.