Amanda, Edie, & Reggie

Our latest pet crush: Amanda, Edie & Reggie

Your social media fame:

Instagram is Edie_and_Reggie.

Facebook: Edie and Reggie

Twitter: @EdieAndReggie

What made you begin your social media accounts?

To promote the accessories that we do and I love hearing about the lives of other pooches - and I LOVE photographing my dogs and didn't want them to be stored away on a dusty hardrive and no one to see but me.

What is the nicest thing someone has ever commented on a picture?"They look happy and loved."Can you tell us a little bit about life with Edie & Reggie, how old are they?

Reggie is almost 3 and Edie has just turned 2 years. They both never let me miss a person walking past the window that may try to get in the house. Nor do they let miss if someone walks past the garden gate that may potentially intrude. I am also informed when the post arrives and alerted to birds visiting the back garden. Edie also lets me know when it's 6.55pm as it is then 5 minutes until their tea time.

Have you always taken pictures of your pooches?

Yes, but mostly since setting up the social pages. I also like the challenge of photographing them with the products they are sent. I enjoy that they get things more than if I get things, they are my furr children after all.

We love that Edie is a pro-model. Does she love the limelight? You must be so proud!  Can you tell how this happened!

Steve Bennett from Woof & Brew ran a competition to find the face of their fab new 'Drinkies' product and needed a dog licking their lips. Well I know the secret to get Edie to do this and it may or may not have involve peanut butter! Edie takes everything in her stride, she doesn't let stardom phase her. Infact, both Reggie and Edie came runner up in a photo contest Sainsbury's did in early 2015 and were also the 'Dog of the month of May' for a Schnauzer calendar last year. Reggie recently attended a photo shoot in September for a calendar with 'Lucy The Rescue Cavalier' where the proceeds go to help raise awareness of puppy farming and rescue. He will be a character from a movie (not saying which, you'll all have to buy the calendar!)

Does it take a long time for you to get the perfect picture?Put it this way, knowing your dogs favourite treat is the best trick a human can ever master!

Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to be a photographer?

Find something to photograph that you are passionate about as it makes it even more satisfying. Get low on the floor and look up, there's a whole new world from that level - and not everything needs to be central or straight!

What are dogs like as subjects? Do they need to be tempted by treats? Or are they happy to pose anytime?

If Edie and Reggie know there is a treat at the end of each pose, they will willingly do it. I think they'd pose anyway - but I want them to be rewarded as they deserve it.

Where do Edie & Reggie sleep?

They have their own custom bed that we built that is in the kitchen. It's painted to match my kitchen cupboards and dining set.

Do they always get on with each other?

Luckily they do get on (as far as I know). We introduced Edie to Reggie on neutral territory when we got her home. She was the only dog Reggie didn't bark at on first seeing. Yes, Reggie also informs me of any approaching dogs too!

Can you tell us a bit about their personalities?

Edie is very much a calm and gentle lady but she can have what I call a 'Reggie Frenzy' episode. This is basically 20 seconds of pure excitement when she can run around crazily and Reggie has to join in. He then gets into his Reggie Frenzy and fun is had by all! Reggie is always alert and his character is so cheeky and opportunistic. He loves to jump and fly through the air. I still on the search to find a fun and local agility class as I think he'd be so ace at it.

What is the cheekiest thing they have ever done?

Was visiting the parents one afternoon and my Father made the fateful mistake of leaving a mini pork pie unattended on the side table - just for 7 seconds. He walked back to a flicking pink little tongue licking at it. It amazes me how Reggie never misses an opportunity.

Do they come to work with you?

I work from a home office, infact, as I write this, they have just had a little play of 'getting each other' and now they are asleep.

Are they mischievous or mostly well behaved?

Edie is definatley more well behaved than Reggie and has a gentle soul. Reggie is mischievous sometimes - but in a totally loveable way that I simply would not change.

Eddie & Reggie are my best friends because... they are them and I just couldn't imagine them any other way.