Grace & Lotte

Best friends: Grace & Lotte


How long have you been friends?

I adopted Lotte in October, 2013 and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

What is life like with Lotte?

There’s lots of laughter, playtimes, tummy rubs, and late night snuggles!

What is Lotte's favourite past time?

Lotte loves spending time outside and following me everywhere! Haha she’s my little shadow.

What is the craziest or cutest thing that your pooch has ever done?

We used to have this big tub/garden filled with lots of lettuce. One day I let Lotte outside to play and when I came back to let her in, she had gotten into the garden and eaten every single leaf of lettuce. I was so surprised!

Tell us a bit about Lotte's Instagram! How did it start?

It started out as taking a couple pictures of Lotte just for fun. But once I started I couldn’t stop! "Just for fun” turned into a whole new passion I never thought I would be doing. I had so many pictures I wanted to share. So, I created a little account just for my girl.

Lotte is such a gorgeous photogenic pooch! Can you tell us a story about your Instagram account. What is your favourite picture? Is it easy to get a good image? Who decides on the props? 

That’s a tough question. I have a bunch of favorite photos! Lotte in the pizza & checking out the chicken coop are a couple of them. Most of the time I get the shot very quickly. Haha but we do have a couple photo shoots that flop!

Lotte has been dressed in glasses, as the wolf from red riding hood and our particular favourite, as a slice of pizza! Do you have any fun upcoming shoots planned or can you tell us how you get your inspiration! 

I choose the props, but it’s important to make sure Lotte is comfortable with what she’s wearing or doing. Sometimes it takes a few days (and lots of gramcrackers) to make sure she’s okay with the props chosen. Right now Lotte is learning to wear red shoes for a photo shoot we’re doing soon!

My dog is my best friend because...I can’t imagine my life without her.