Rupert & Stephanie

Our latest pet crush: Rupert & Stephanie

Length of friendship: 2 years

Your social media fame: Instagram account: @thatdogrupert

Can you tell us the story about how you first met Rupert?

Rupert and I first met in Los Angeles. He is from a litter of 8 all blue frenchies and was the oddball of the bunch. I ironically went to pick out a blue female, although Rupert had different plans for me. While there, he walked up to me and gave a little scratch at my leg. So I put him on my lap while I continued to look at the females. It only took me looking down to see him taking a nap on my lap to realize he had already picked me. So there was no turning back at that point.

Can you describe Rupert's personality?

He was definitely the calm one of the litter and the breeder’s favorite. She watched us walk out the door and stared out the window as we drove away. I actually still keep in touch and will send them pictures of Rupert every so often.

Does Rupert love outdoor activities? Where is Rupert's favorite place to play?

He’s obsessed with anything that involves a ball or wheels (like skateboards).

Where is the most memorable place you've been with together?

Being Southern Californians, the most memorable place would of course be the beach. Before I even was able to test his ability to swim, he charged straight into the waves. Got wiped out. And thought it would be a fun idea to do it all over again. Haha.

Where is Rupert's favorite place inside the house?

My bed. Haha. He’s terrified to jump on and off the bed though. So in order for him to get up there, he needs a little helping hand.

What's the cutest thing your dog has ever done?

His tongue sticks out a bit to the left, so every photo has the best personality. It’s constant cuteness.

What your pooches favorite pastime/does Rupert do any fun tricks?

He loves to play fetch – and like all bulldogs… sleep. He can sit, lay down and high five. Just the basics, but he’s very smart.

Rupert looks so adorable dressed in costume, does he love being photographed? Does he like playing dress up?

Yeah. Because of my role at olloclip, he’s been in multiple photoshoots for us as well as with brands like Stone Fox Swimwear.

What is life like with Rupert? Every day is an adventure.

Lastly, can you finish this sentence: Rupert is my best friend because… I couldn’t imagine life without him. Frenchies are such great companions. Loyal to their inner soul.

Rupert is wearing The Great British Canine in Size: Small