Amber & Chia

♡ Length of your friendship:

Since I adopted her in December of 2015.

♡ How old is Chia? Can you tell us more about her personality?

We were told she was at least a year old when we adopted her a year and a half ago. She's a very friendly chi and will kiss anyone who gets close enough. She never barks which makes it easy for me to take her everywhere with me. She even goes to the movies with me!

♡ Who is she closest to? Mommy or Daddy?

Daddy at home, mommy outside.

♡ Have you always had dogs? How many dogs do you have?

She's my first, but my husbands had dogs his entire life.

♡ Chia looks so adorable in pictures! Does she love being photographed?

She's an expert model. She just calmly sits there until I say "okay" and then she'll get up super excited for another treat.

♡ What's the cutest thing she has ever done?

I think her doing handstands every time she pees is pretty darn cute, but I'd have to say her crazy squirrel like zoomies up and down and all around us are the cutest!

♡ Has she always been an outdoor dog? Where is the place she loves the most?

She's always been an adventurous active pup and she travels and hikes with us. Her favorite place is anywhere with grass or sand for her to run on.

♡ What has changed since the day she came into your life?

Everything. My life revolves around this little bug, and I love it.

♡ Chia is your best friend because...

We both would rather always be together than ever be apart. I'd choose hanging out with her over anyone else!