Dexture & Macho

♡ How old is your pooch?

Macho is our two year old baby.

♡ Social Media:

I have an Instagram for him that we started when he was a couple months old, there you can see all his memories from the very first day we got him. The name is (@machothepitt).

♡ How did you get your dog

My girlfriend and I got him at 4 weeks old on Christmas Day. He has been the best dog since the very first day we brought him home.

♡ What is life like with your Pit?

For us it was very important to have him well trained and overall a friendly pup since Pitbull's have such a bad reputation. He loves to sleep and go to beach.

♡ What made you choose this breed?

It wasn't about choosing the breed. We were actually looking for a small breed dog, but we fell in love with macho right when we saw him.

♡ What is life like with Macho?

Macho is a super calm dog so he mostly just likes to lay around the house and play in the backyard all day. He knocks on the doors to let us know when he wants to go in or out. We always say he's the perfect only child (pup) because he loves to play by himself with his toys.

♡ What is the funniest thing Macho has ever done?

It wasn't funny at the moment, but when he was a puppy he decided to dig a hole in wet mud and got completely covered in it. He looked like a little pig.

♡ Does Macho like being photographed?

Yes! We have so many pictures of him that he knows to sit and look at the camera.

♡ Does he travel with you?

Depends on where I go. We don't want to have to put him through the experience of traveling on a plane, so only if it's local.

♡ Does he come to work with you? If not how is he when you come back from work?

He goes crazy! He's super excited to see me even if it's only been a couple of minutes.Macho is...  more than just a dog! He is our best friend and companion. I want to wear matching  FriendshipCollar accessories with Macho because when I am away I can always feel like he's with me.