Pavlov & Anthony

♡ How old is Pavlov?

Pavlov is almost one year old! He turns one on October 27th.

♡ How did you become besties?

We have seen each other grow, us through our college and adult lives and Pavlov through puppyhood, and have been there for each other every step of the way!

♡ Where do you get your inspiration for your Instagram posts?

We get our inspiration mostly from pop-culture and our everyday lives as young working adults. We want to entertain Pavlov's followers with some humor that differs a little from what you typically see with other animal accounts.

♡ Does Pavlov love to model?

Pavlov is a natural and always puts on a huge smile for the camera! You would be surprised at how well he is at posing!

♡ If he could talk, what would he say??

If Pavlov could speak, he would probably tell us to play with him and give him more belly rubs. He can never get enough belly rubs. He would also drop some deep insight on various topics because Pavlov is pretty woke.

♡ The cutest thing Pavlov does is...

Pavlov always gives us huge kisses and snuggles next to me when we get home. He really is our best friend.

♡ What is your life like together?

Adventurous. We literally take Pavlov everywhere with us -- his favorite places are the UCLA campus, late night taco truck runs, hiking, dog parks, and the Santa Monica Pier! He is always up for a new adventure.

♡ Pavlov makes your life...

Exciting. We enjoy going everywhere with Pavlov and seeing the joy that he brings to everyone. He influences us to see new places and do new things because we want to create new experiences with our best friend.

♡ Pavlov is such a great best friend because...

He never fails to make us smile even on bad days.