Angela & Tonka

Best friends: Angela & Tonka

♡ How old is your dog?

My pooch is 8 years old.

♡ What is life like with your best friend?

My life with Tonka is amazing! She goes to work with me everyday!

♡ What's you pooches favorite thing to do?

Play fight with her best friend Blu

♡ Can you tell us any fun stories about your friendship!

We go to the horse farm at least once a week and she is able my run around on 40 acres with my horse Maizie

♡ Can you describe her personality?

She is very shy and standoffish at 1st but when you get to know her she is your best friend. She is a tomboy and loves road trips.

♡ What made you choose the Mucky Pup FriendshipCollar? What does matching mean to you?

I chose the mucky pup design because her best friend Blu got the design because his name is Blu sooo blue obviously. Plus she is a tomboy. Matching to me means she is always with me whenever I look down at my wrist.

♡ Where does your pooch sleep?

She sleeps at work because I work the graveyard shift but when we are home she has a memory foam bed

♡ What is the cutest thing your dog has ever done?

Whenever we are on road trips and she's in the front seat she paws at me until i hold her hand.She's the best dog ever. She is my best friend!