Anousch & Captain

Best friends: Anousch & Captain

♡ How old is your dog?

Captain is 16 months old.

♡ Can you tell us about the breed?

He is a Kromfohrländer. I Love this breed, because he is not to small and not to big, he's just the size is Perfect. He is so kind and nice to other dogs, we have never had any problems!

♡ What is life like together?

Life together is fun! He follows me around every day, we go on walks a lot. When he looks up at me with his big eyes it really makes me smile. I started a blog about him as I have always wanted a dog and when I got Captain I wanted to tell everyone about my dream come true! I love sharing my picture and telling people about the wonderful life Captain has with me!

♡ What made you start to photograph Captain?

I started taking up photography and I just wanted to capture beautiful pictures of him out and about!

♡ What is your best memory with Captain?

Everyday with him something perfect happens, it's hard to pick just one good time! 


I want to match my dog because.. I really love my dog!

Captain is my BFF because... I feel like we make the perfect team!

Life with a dog is.... the BEST!!!