Animal Mamas

Happy almost Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there – of human and animal babies! But did you know there’s one group of moms out there that doesn’t get quite enough recognition in our books? Yup – the animal mamas raising their and other animals’ babies! How absolutely SWEET is it when you see a dog mama recognize a baby in need – even if it’s another species? We personally think these moms deserve a shout out!

Jerry & his Dog Mama

Baa, Ram, Ma! | Black Goat Farm Sanctuary

Born the runt of the litter and rejected by his own mom, Jerry, the little lamb, might have had a much sadder story if it were not for Black Goat Sanctuary stepping in! They brought in the little baby and soon one of their own retrievers took a special interest in the small one, cuddling him, cleaning him, and protecting him! 🐑🐕

Kuma, the Very Good Mom

It’s okay, babies! Mama’s here! | Newsflare

After going into labor prematurely, Kuma the Chihuahua-mix mama never left her babies’ side and watched over them lovingly every minute they were in the incubator at the vet’s! This mutt mom makes us wanna cry at the sweetness 😭Thankfully all puppies were deemed healthy and sent home with the proud parents.

Kiera & her Owlet, Cherub

Birds of a feather… | The Dodo

Despite being a pointer and therefore technically genetically bred to hunt birds, Kiera fell in love with this orphaned baby owl 🦉 immediately at the Devon Bird of Prey Centre and instantly took to caring for her and watching over her new little feathery baby!

Snaggle Puss & her Bunny Baby, Bubbles

Snaggle Puss also happens to be an amazing name!

Another remarkable disregard of predator/prey dynamics, Snaggle Puss found Bubbles when she was just a tiny, orphaned bunny baby. Having just had a litter of her own, Snaggle Puss happily added another baby to her family and cared for the bunny alongside her own kittens! 🐰🐱

Ellie & her Bunnies

Just imagine the soft cuddles!

There must be something about little Thumpers and Fivers that really bring out the maternal instinct! When Ellie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, discovered a litter of abandoned baby bunnies in the garden, she showed not one ounce of hunting desires and instead immediately adopted them as her own, especially loving to snuggle 💕 with ‘her’ bunny babies!

Daya & her Adopted Pup

These are happy tears, we swear!

When this beautiful mama tragically suffered a miscarriage, she still wanted desperately to be a mom. After coming out of surgery clearly confused as to why she did not have babies with her 😭 😭 😭 Daya was still a mom at heart – she took to mothering socks, toys, anything she could. By pure, perfect coincidence, though, a recently orphaned 6 week-old puppy was soon brought into the same shelter – and Daya became her mom in an instant. What started out tragic on two sides has resulted in the most loving mama/baby relationship imaginable! 💕

A mother’s love is always special and an emotion and bond that transcends species! We hope your Mother’s Day is super special and that your bestie loves you all day and every day!