Koda Bear & Kay

Bestie: Koda Bear

Human: Kay

🐾 When did you and your pooch become best friends? 

I got Koda when he was just 8 weeks old, a tiny ball of fluff! 😱 When I saw him I instantly fell in love with his cute little face!

🐾 Can you tell us about your day together like, what is Koda Bear favorite place to explore?

Koda Bear loves the beach 🌊 and going to the forest 🌲! Every morning he wakes me up at exactly 8am, we get dressed, go for our morning walk in the park, grab some breakfast and then he takes a long nap. Some days he comes with me to work or college! 😃 On days off we go shopping 🛍 together or meet some friends for a coffee. In the evenings we like to enjoy a long walk and then it’s dinner time. Koda usually ends up sleeping on my bed!

🐾 What are Koda Bear’s favorite hobbies? 

We love going for long walks in the forest. Oh and Koda loves to play with bubbles – he’s obsessed! He will chase bubbles all day long if he could! 😂

🐾 You both look so happy together! What has changed the most since the day you become best friends with your pooch?

Koda and I have both done a lot of growing up. He used to be a very naughty puppy, but as he got older, he became more relaxed and less cheeky. Although there are still days when he can act very puppyish 🐶. We also moved together from Ireland to Berlin!

🐾 Does he do any tricks? 

What doesn’t he do is a better question! We’ve been training together since he was a pup, and he can do everything from basic obedience, to particular tricks like “talking” when he mimics words you say such as “Hello,” “Ham 🍖” “I love you,” to opening/closing doors, playing dead, bringing in the post, and many more!

🐾 Describe your pup in 3 words… 

Definitely cheeky! Lovable and trusting 🤗

🐾 What makes your friendship with Koda Bear special?

I think we both understand each other every time. People will think I’m crazy, but Koda really does understand every word I say to him. He’s so clever! 💁🏼‍♀️

🐾 What’s the cheekiest thing your pup has ever done? 

He’s got a very cheeky personality, while we were still living at home in Ireland, my mom called me and asked me to cook the ham and leave it out before I left to go to a friend’s house. I took out the huge ham she had in the fridge, cooked it and left it uncovered on the kitchen counter. I left and my mom came home about 10mins after. She called me again and asked me where did I leave the ham? “On the kitchen counter,”  I sad. Turns out after I left, Koda ate the whole thing!! 😂😂😂

🐾 Any secret about Koda Bear you would like to share?

Koda does this cute thing when he’s really happy to see someone which we call “silly ears” he flattens both ears down and wags his tail, but for some reason one ear bends backwards and the other forward! Too cute! 😍

🐾 Koda Bear is my best friend because…

We have so much fun and we love hanging out together! He understands everything I say to him and he loves to take naps 💤 together, go for walks, explore new places – we are inseparable!