Rowdy & Cassity



♡ How long have you been friends?

We have been friends since April 9th, 2013. So for over 5 years.

 How did you come up with the name Rowdy?

We weren’t sure what to name him so we kind of looked up some cool names and I came up with Kona, cause I thought it was cool. My dad said we should name him Rowdy cause it’s different. So Rowdy just stuck and he definitely lives up to his name. 🙌

 How was your first encounter? Was it love at first site?

I’m that person that just loves to interact with puppies. 😍 We have had so many dogs while I was growing up. I’m always used to having a dog around. With every dog we have had, I’ve never really felt that special attachment too, but after Rowdy, I never thought I could love an animal as much as I love him.

 How is Rowdy at home? Can you tell us more about his personality?

When we don’t have company, he’s literally just sleeping. Haha. All he does is sleep & eat. When he is awake and active, he does some funny stuff. He’ll bark and move his mouth so he makes funny noises. He LOVES squeaky toys so he will lay there with a toy in his mouth and just squeak it. 🐶

 Can you describe your friendship in 3 words?

Our friendship is hard to describe in just 3 words. All I can say is he is my best friend.🐕👯‍♀️



 What’s the cutest thing he has ever done?

He is always cute, but I have to say when he does the trick ‘Wave’ 👋 – that is my favorite trick of his.

 He looks so adorable in his pictures, does he love being photographed? 

At first, no 😂 He didn’t know what was going on, but now that I’ve been photographing him for 2 years, he loves the camera. He even has a signature pose. He also loves dressing up and wearing accessories.

 Does Rowdy love outdoor activities?  Where is his favorite place to play?

Rowdy loves being outside. Whenever he is in our backyard, he loses any interest in what I’m doing. His favorite thing to do is chase lizards 🦎. He loves being in our backyard.

 Can you tell us any funny stories about Rowdy, maybe something we would never have expected?

He doesn’t have very many funny stories, per se. He does funny things occasionally. He sleeps in funny positions, he’ll climb in your lap because he thinks he’s 10 lbs. One thing he does that’s funny and I can’t ever capture it is, when his ear itches and he scratches the inside of it, he moans because I guess it he had a bad itch and scratching it felt great 😂

 Lastly, can you finish this sentence: Rowdy is my best friend because…

Rowdy is my best friend because he loves 💕 me for me. Even if it’s hard for me to love certain things about myself, he doesn’t care. He sees me and sees his best friend. He doesn’t care how I look or what I do, he just loves me for me. He has changed me in so many ways. I’ve always been quiet and shy, and hardly ever smiled. He has changed that. I’ve never smiled as much I do when he’s around & I’ve never been happier. He’s my best friend and I love him. 🤗



Aw we just adore these two! The best thing about besties is the unconditional love, and it sounds like these two have found their perfect match in each other 😍

Rowdy is a true Happening Hipster! Snag his style here!