Anya & Kyra


Our latest pet crush: Anya  & KyraInstagram @Kyra.bc

How did you and Kyra become friends?

Kyra was in a litter of 9 puppies. They were frolicking around, playing with each other etc and then one little puppy came up to me and laid down on my lap! That's when I knew she was the one

What are her nicknames? Panda, puppy, ky and miss sassy pants!

Colour of fur: Mainly black but has a white tip on her tail and white "socks" a bit of white on her snout and on her belly!

Describe your pooch in 3 words: silly, loyal and obedient

!Does she have any favourite tricks? she loves to sit pretty!

What is the funniest thing Kyra has ever done?

 I had thrown the ball for Kyra and she was running to get it and she tripped over a toy and went flying... and then amazingly ended up catching the ball!

Can you tell us a cute story about Kyra?

When small children want to pet Kyra she rolls over for them to scratch her belly! It's so cute.

What are her main personality traits?

Kyra is very obedient. Never leaves my side which is easy when I let her off leash, I don't have to worry about her running off!

Does she have any hobbies: catching frisbees, herding and pleasing everyone!

What is a typical day like for your pooch? She eats, I walk her, she relaxes, I play with her and then take her out for a photo session and play some more!

My dog makes me smile when she learns a new trick quickly, when she makes others smile and more!

My dog is my best friend because she is always comforting me. She literally never leaves my side and I'm grateful for a friend like her ❤️