Jinkee & Sofia

How do you think up so many wonderful ideas for Jinkee?

It’s not tricky to think of ideas when taking snaps of Jinkee, she has such a huge personality for such a tiny thing that often it’s about capturing the moment! Aside from that, I’m a journalist by trade so I always consider what’s timely. For example, if it’s a holiday or special time of year, or if a celebrity has done something everyone is talking about.

What made you set up an Instagram for your gorgeous little toy poodle? 

Because I write about food for a living, my personal Instagram feed is full of restaurant and cafe images. I have a little following of my own (although nowhere as big as Jinkee’s) and they expect #foodporn, restaurant recommendations and travel. I didn’t want to be the person who gets a dog and starts posting photos all over their social media accounts, so I made an account just for her. I knew I wouldn’t be able to resit uploading photos! The rest is history.

Have you always wanted a toy pooch?  Why toy rather than full sized?

 I’ve only had small dogs in the past but the reason we went for a toy poodle is because we live in an apartment. We looked to adopt first but we could only find bigger dogs that would’t be comfortable in our little space. We opted for you instead of full sized for this reason, too.

FriendshipCollar-Jinkee and Sofia2

Are there any other pooches on Instagram that you follow?

Heaps! I’m always on Jinkee’s account looking at other pups. Some of my favourites are @ps.ny, @dougthepug, @operation_sumo… I could keep going!

What is Jinkee's most favorite thing to do in the whole world?

Oddly enough, she really likes licking metal. If you’re sitting on the couch, hide your jewellery and belt buckle!

Is Jinkee a noisy little pup or super silent?

We trained her not to bark because we didn’t want to bother the neighbours. The only time she gets a little noisy is if the doorbell goes or someone comes through the door, but it’s just her getting excited.

Do you two just cuddle all day?

I work from home, so when she’s not running around with her toys she’ll sleep on my lap. It’s the best. My favourite is in the morning — when she wakes up, she’ll go from the foot of the bed up to my boyfriend or I and spread herself across your back or neck and then go back to sleep. She’s like a little heat back with a heartbeat!