Beebs & Lita

Our latest pet crush: Beebs & Lita

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What is life with Beebs like?

 Amazing. We do everything possible together and she has completely made my life SO much better. She's enabled me to get my license, meet new people, and try new things.

Can you tell us the story on how you first met Beebs?

I first saw her photo when my friend posted that she was going to go pick up this cute little puppy from the shelter to foster. I completely fell in love as soon as I saw her. I didn't think I would be able to adopt her as we had a senior blind & diabetic yorkie at the time who would get super stressed around other dogs to the point it would raise his blood sugar and make him deathly ill. When my friend came over with sleeping Beebs in her arms I was soooo obsessed with her. My yorkie didn't even mind her as he laid right next to her which had never happened before. Beebs was just always a calm dog so I think he felt comfortable with her. My mom knew I had a thing for white bully breeds so she made a deal with me that if I got my license (at the age of 23) I could adopt Beebs.

Can you describe Beebs' personality? How is she like in a daily basis? 

Perfect. Hahaha okay not "perfect" but she is to me. She's honestly a complete doll. She's super lazy but is always down for an adventure. She gets along with anyone and everything. She's super sensitive and is eager to please, she's also afraid of anything she thinks could fall on her (ceiling fan, tall lamps, etc).

Where is the best place that she hangs out in the house?

Her all time favorite place is underneath the kitchen table. I even put a dog bed under there for her since she loves it under there so much. Its at the end of our kitchen which is a little bit raised from the living room and up against the railing that looks down into the living room so it gives her the best view of the two most important rooms. Food room, and play room hahaha.

Has she always been an outdoor dog? Where is the place she loves the most?

 Beebs LOVES to go on adventures. I take her anywhere possible with me. She really loves either less crowded parks so she can roll around and explore, or super crowded dog events. She completely comes out of her shell when around other dogs, it's so adorable to see.

How are Beebs and her brothers relationship with each other?

She's the mom of the house when it comes to her brothers. She was our first dog out of the three of them and the boys were still puppies when we brought them home so she helped raise them. They love her and show her respect, Stache automatically gives Beebs kisses every morning and whenever she comes home from being gone for a few hours. Both of the boys will rough play with eachother but they don't even try with Beebs unless she joins in on her own.

Does Beebs have a favorite trick?

She loves to give high fives and shakes, but expects her paw back as soon as its over or you'll get the "ummm that's not part of the deal" look from her.

What's Beebs and her brothers favorite food/snack?

They go nuts over Bully Sticks, raw Beef Tracheas and raw Chicken Feet.

Having more than one dog, is it hard taking care of all of them at the same time? 

It's definitely an adjustment, but once you get used to the routine it's really not hard at all.

Tell us a funny story about Beebs.

When she was 4/5 months old, after we had been with her for a month she had been breaking her nails inside of the crate when we would leave. My dad suggested just putting her in the upstairs bathroom while we ran errands, so we did. The first day we did it, we came home to it literally raining inside of the house. I ran upstairs and opened the bathroom door and Beebs came running into my arms shaking and sopping wet. It was like a shower spraying from the toilet because while we were gone, she chewed through the toilet line. We turned off the water and checked out the rest of the damage and the flooding had even gone down to the basement and collapsed the ceiling. My mom and I were completely flipping out because we were SO afraid my Dad would be livid. We called him at work and explained what happened...his reaction? "Oh, it was my idea to put her in the bathroom. It's not her fault, she's just a puppy. Plus we have insurance, and I get a new basement out of it" haha! Thankfully we had State Farm who covers bully breeds and they completely paid for everything except the $15 toilet line she chewed.

Lastly, can you finish this sentence: Beebs is my best friend because...She is my heart dog, my better half and my anxiety medication. She makes me feel normal again, and helps me better myself.