Tonje & Jack

Sleeping on suitcases & cuddles before breakfast

Our latest pet crush: Jack the Bengal cat

social media fame: @bengal_jack

The story:

I was searching the Internet for a new Bengal cat when my dearest Bagheera died from kidney failure. I found a Bengal cat nearby me, who was 5 years old and looked like a nice cat. When we went to meet him, he wasn’t interested in either me or my boyfriend. One that was interested was Jack! He came up to us both and gave us cuddles from the very start, so he chose us!

We took him home with us when he was just 2.5 years old and we love him to pieces!!!

Nicknames: Jackie

Colour of fur: Brownspotted with black rosettes

Describe your cat in 3 words...Loyal, cute and kind

Tell us a quirky/funny story about your cat:

When we got a HUGE fishtank, he tried to catch a fish through the glass by running into it! Hehe

Whats the cutest thing your cat does / has ever done? 

The time we were going away for a holiday, he found my stuffed suitcase and he curled up there to sleep to make sure we didn’t forget him at home. He did the same thing when we were moving! He was on top of a stack of boxes while we were putting them into the car.

Jack’s Main personality traits?

Curious, happy,  playful and friendly.

Jacks’s Favourite thing? 

The Da Bird Toy

Describe your cats typical day..

He waits outside the bedroom door every morning and meows loudly when we come out. He gets loads of cuddles and then his breakfast. When we are at work, Jack does some bird watching, sleeping, eating, some more sleeping and a little bit napping!

When we come home it’s time for playtime, cuddles and more food. He normally follows us around the house and wants to take part in everything we do, especially my photography! In the evening we cuddle up in the sofa and watch TV before heading to bed.

Finish this sentence. My cat makes me smile when 

I’m having a hard time and he comes to lay his head on my lap. I think it is his way of telling me “everything will be ok mum”

My cat is my best friend because….

He brings joy to my life and a smile on my face when no one else can!