Britta & Toto

Meerkat poses and being the boss

Our latest pet crush: Toto

Social media fame: Instagram:  totolino_16

The story: Love at first sight? (Tell us when your friendship started!)

Toto came to me on a New Years Eve as my first dog. I always wanted a dog since I was a child and was so happy to finally hold this little pup in my arms. I loved Toto´s face and funny character from the first day I met him.

Nicknames:  Totolino, Pupsi

Breed:  Jack Russell Terrier

Colour of fur: tricoloured (white/black/tan)

Describe Toto in 3 words..   happy, selfconfident, cheeky

Toto’s favourite trick? Doing the meerkat pose, it’s the best way to get treats 😉

Tell us a quirky/funny story about your pup:

One day Toto tried to play with his bed and somehow turned it upside down…unfortunately it stayed on his head covering him completely under it and so little Toto tried to twist around and run with his bed on his head not seeing anything!

What’s the cutest thing your dog does / has ever done? 

Doing funny noises and moving his legs like he would run while sleeping, that always makes me wonder what he dreams about..

Dog’s main personality traits?

 Toto is a very funny and happy character. I think he never can be down and always wonders when people around him are. He also thinks that he is a biiig dog even he is only 18 pounds and he loves to show every dog around that he is the boss!

Sometimes I think he is acting like a little human not like a dog when he tries to sit next to me on the sofa in the merkat pose.

Dog’s favourite hobbies? 

Squirrel watching, hopping around in fields like  a bunny, staring at me while sitting next to my feet

Describe Toto’s typical day..

Waking up late in the morning, Toto is not an early bird, and discovering his territory everyday anew. Then we go out for a good walk to the forest and fields near our house and have breakfast after that. Then it’s playtime and Toto loves to run for balls (and doesn´t bring them back…) or squeaky toys but also loves to nap a lot. The balcony is a very favourite place where he can watch the birds and squirrels and sniff the air.

When I am at work he stays with my mom so he is rarely alone.

In the afternoon we sometimes go to the horse stable together and Toto can go out for a walk with the horses and me.

Dinner is the best time of the day and before going to sleep we go out for a last little walk and have a little last playtime before bed.

Finish this sentence. My dog makes me smile when … he wakes me up every morning and wants to start the new day with me!

My dog is my best friend because…. he always makes me smile and cheers me up and takes me as I am!