Brittany & Benson

The super kitty that loves playing hide and seek

Our latest pet crush: Benson the Bengal

Social Media fame: Instagram: @BensontheBengal

The story: For a long time I wanted a Bengal cat so one day I searched for them and I came across a breeder in our area. She was selling them at a reasonable price so I decided to get a kitten. I went to go pick one out with my dad and sister. They were all so cute and I had narrowed my choices down to two kittens Benson and another one. Benson would come up on my lap and was more social than the other one. He had also come up to my dad’s feet and nibble on his sandals. I would say that Benson chose us also.

Nicknames: Bubba, Buddy Boy, Baby Benson, Baby Boy, Ben Ben.

Color of fur: Brown and black rosetting.

Describe your cat in 3 words: Fearless, inquisitive, and energetic.

Tell us a quirky/funny story about your cat: Whenever I play hide and seek with him I run around the house and he will chase me. When I chase him he will run in my room and try to hide under my pillows. Also, whenever there is a box or bag on the floor he always has to go in it and sometimes he will let us carry him around in the bag.

What’s the cutest thing your cat does? When ever he’s on the floor or on my bed he always lays on his back to were his spotted belly is exposed and just stretches his whole body out and lets me rub his belly.

Cat’s main personality traits: Outgoing, friendly, talkative (vocal)

Cat’s favorite thing: His three-way tunnel.

Describe your cat’s typical day: He wakes up at the same time as me and then in the morning he has tons of energy so he runs around the house. Then he will nap a little bit after he gets all his all his energy out. Then after he takes a nap he usually meows to go play outside in the backyard so I spend some time with him outside. He also nibbles on his food throughout the day and plays with our other two cats.

My cat makes me smile when… I immediately walk through the door from a long day at work. He always greets me at the door when I come home. He constantly has tons of energy and he always is doing something new or getting into something. He is a joy to have in the family.

My cat is my best friend because… He is continuously making me smile and laugh. He keeps me company. He is always following me around the house and loves me unconditionally. He is so much fun to have and I wouldn’t trade him for anything!