Pica The Pom


Hiring humans and being fabulous

Our latest pet crush:  Pica Chu & Her Personal Assistant

Social media fame: @pica_the_pom on Instagram

The story: This human seemed competent enough, so I hired her.

Nicknames: BOSS / CEO

Breed: PomeranianColour of Fur: White, Cream & Awesome

Describe yourself in 3 words.. Demanding, Fabulous, ADORABLE

Favourite trick? Sitting up on my haunches, looking like a seated human. But, I only do it for the yumyums.

Tell us a quirky/Funny Story about yourself: Listen, there’s no time for anecdotes when a belly needs a rubbin’.

What’s the cutest thing you do or have ever done?  When I want something, I break out my best dance moves. It’s quite manipulative and effective.

Main personality traits? I’m basically a mystical Seussian character in a little dog’s body, except I don’t rhyme as much.

Favourite hobbies?  Travel. I’ve racked up a lot of frequent bag miles.

Explain your typical day.. Overseeing the yumyum budget. It takes up most of my day. I hate Excel, but it’s important.

Finish this sentence. My Dog Human makes me smile when …she’s obedient.

My dog Human is my best friend because….I wouldn’t be able to get on the queen sized bed without her help.